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jellybabe - September 2

Hi.I tested today with a no name brand that can predict from 10dpo. I didn't look properly, but when i looked under the light, there seem to be a very very very faint line.Will the line be seen even when you dont test and look properly or is it a non existing line that apprears when u test.I don't know if im seeing right.I am 2 days to my dued period. 12 dpo.I have started feeling very slight sensitive breasts 10 dpo.Usually i have symptoms 10 days before my periods,sore breasts, spots, but not this time.The sensitivity progressed a bit and today it feels a bit more sensitive.I never took notice of my nipples before but i don't think they use to feel sensitive, only my boobs (before af)But when i squeeze them now, i feel it abit.But i don't know if its all in my head.I have no mood swings and i have taken my temp for three days now and it started at 36.6 centigrade and today it was 36.9. i test i nthe mornings. I've been ttc for 5 months already.I hope its this month.I hope af stays away.Also, my sleep pattern seems strange.Before i use to sleep quite late, till 10 because i work night shift, but recently this week, i wake up to go to the toilet at 2am and wake up again twice early in the morning.Its so annoying when things feel mixed and unsure.And the waiting makes it worse!!


kim - September 2

It is really hard to say, all the signs are there. Some test will show an evaporation line in the window, maybe what you see. Any line with color is a positive test result. HCG levels double every 2 days, wait and retest in 2 days. Good luck!



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