can intercourse trigger implantation bleeding?
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ellabella - March 26

I'm on my second round of clomid. On cd6, after bd'ing the previous night, i woke w/brownish, pinkish cm that lasted most of the day. I also felt lots of period like cramping. This has never happened to me before and i'm hoping it's a good sign. I've searched using dif comb's of keywords and only found one woman w/similar story. If anyone can shed any light, it'd be much appreciated!


pmblake - March 26

Ella! Remember me? That's a good sign! I too had a discharge during sex....It was freaky. It was 8 or 9dpo and my husband and I smelled the metallicy smell that usually comes w/ my period and then afterwards there was spotting. It didn't last long - just long enough to wipe but it was there and I'm 100% that it was implanation bleeding. I test postive on my hpt 2 days later. Good luck Ella! Let me know what happens!


tanner789 - March 27

ella unless im understanding you wrong your only on cd 6 so that means if you had sex the night before there is no way you would have implantation bleeding already if you think you may have conceived the night before. plus if your only on cd6 i doubt youve even ovulated yet, i would say the blood could be leftover from your last period, which shouldnt have ended too long ago, am i understanding this story right?


ellabella - March 27

Hi and thanks so much for the responses! Great to see you again Pam (that's also my bf's name, i call her pamcakes like Meet the Parents- so queer i know)! Anyway, so happy to hear that you had this happen!! Really hoping this is it, but still trying to stay grounded as it always seems i get my hopes up for nothing:( Tanner, sorry for being a dufus. I meant 6dpo. I'm at 7dpo now and no more cm, just bloating/const- yippy. Hoping this will change your response Tanner!


tanner789 - March 27

yes it definately does and that would make more sense i wish you the best of luck and hope this is ur month


pmblake - March 27

Hang in there Ella. I was very hesitant to test so I used an OPK on 10dpo. I've read that it'll show positive. Anyway, it was bold but not positive. That should've been a good sign to me but I didn't know that bold was good...anyway, on 11dpo a girl here on another thread told me to test and I did and lucky me. I'm hanging in there and hoping for the best w/ this preganancy. Please keep in touch and let me know how things turnout w/ you! BTW I'm on a great thread called 2ww -- no more Part 2 (or 3?). There's about 6 of us but they've really been supportive of me and they are a wonderful group of women. Come on over there if you'd like.


pmblake - March 27

and I love Pamcakes! I love that movie also. pamela martha focker ;)


ellabella - March 27

Congrats Pam!! That;s incredible- did this just happen? Everything will be just fine i'm sure. The other site sounds like fun, maybe i'll join in. Pamela Martha Focker- you make me laugh! I laughed so loud during that movie and we were in a theatre, i just couldn't help myself!! Tanner, thanks for the wishes and back at you if your ttc!!


pmblake - March 28

Good luck Ella! You better let me know what's going on w/ you! I would love to see a BFP post this week!!


ellabella - March 28

I def will let you know Pam! However, i'm feeling wicked bitchy lately again this month and have a bad feeling it's pms. My first pg, i was so happy all the time right from the start. I know there are others out there who feel pms sx's and still get bfp's so I'm hoping I'm wrong!



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