Can I worry myself infertil?
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Nikki - March 21

We've been ttc for 7 months now and so far we haven't had any tests done and my doctor told me it was normal for it to take this long. But I've had a bad feeling all along, and now that I've started charting my temps, it seems that I really have a problem. I'm on cd23 and still no ovulation. My dh tells me that I worry too much, and I'm sure he is right, I just don't know if it's possible for me to worry away my ovulation? I mean, stress can affect a person in so many physical ways and this might be one of them? Don't get me wrong, I will see my doctor again if this happens with another cycle, but I don't think I'm helping myself by worrying so much. But I CAN'T stop thinking about it!
Does anyone have some advice on how to handle this? How do you all deal with this? I see that some people have been ttc for years and I think that I will go insane before I get that far.


wannabeamom - March 21

I have been trying to conceive since the day I was married almost 4 years ago. There have been good days and there have been bad days. There are a few things you can do to destress yourself. Try yoga, meditation, exercise and, believe it or not, cleaning or cooking. I feel better after a job well done. If you think you are having a problem ovulating then I wouldn't waste time. I wasted 3 years. Ovulation is the easiest thing for them to fix. If there are other problems then you wan to find out so you can start getting help. The process for DH and me was intimidating but we did it. In hindsight it wasn't bad at all. Maybe getting answers to your fertility questions will relieve your mind and you will be able to relax. I hope this helps. Good luck and Babydust!


June - March 21

Nikki, stress may be a slight problem but not enough to stop you from ovulating. You should wait a little while and see exactly what your chart tells you.


Mega - March 21

June's right, while stress can & does affect things, don't just assume your possible issues are entirely stress related. When I first started dating my now hubby I was going thru a tough time. I lost my job & had to move back in with my mom, etc. My cycles kept getting longer & longer and I assumed it was stress. Went on BCPs for a couple years, etc & then when we got married in 9/04 I went off BC & we started trying immediately. I noticed the same pattern of long, irreg. cycles and this time wasted 7 mos. convinced it was just me coming off of BCP. Nope, turned out I have PCOS & now I've been Oing on Clomid. All that to say, if you think you're not Oing, get help soon. Though I do think waiting & charting 1 more cycle is a good idea though b/c everyone skips a month of Oing from time to time, that's normal. If it becomes a regular pattern though, that's not normal. As Wannabeamom said though, Ov problems are among the easiest to fix. I'd also look into getting your DH's swimmers checked too. Good luck Nikki!


Pinky - March 21

I am agree with mega. We are also trying from 6 months. I visited the doctor first 2 months ago and my DH was not really happy with that. He was saying to think positive and wait for year because that's what written everywhere. But I am totally disagreed with it because everyone I know got pregnant easily (within one or two trial!!!) except some who are above 33-35 and had some problems. Who knows we don't have any problems? I can't wait for year and figure out this was the problem and now try for this and that. No way...If we test every thing and it's normal, fine... I will definitely recommend you to go to doctor. My doctor first told me to see her after 3 more months but I waited for 2 months only. We starts for infertility testing from this month.


Nikki - March 21

Thank you all for your answers. My plan is to wait another cycle and then get help, although I guess there's a good chance that I have some kind of ovulation problem. My cycles have always been kind of long and irregular, but I didn't even know that you could have a period and not be ovulating. I have certainly learned a lot more about my own body since we started trying.
My dh's ex has PCOS and it would be just his luck to marry a woman with a similar problem.
I know we should get the sperm quality checked out, but my dh is very proud and he doesn't want to think that it could have anything to do with him.
I know there's no point in talking about "fault" here, but he doesn't seem to realize that. Having his sperm quality questioned seems to make him feel like less of man. I really don't know how to convince him.



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