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Kirk2Be7/30/05 - June 2

i had sex on all my fertile days and kept my hips on a pillow for over 30 mins.. and i was suppose to start my pepriod the 31 of this month and i started 6 days early.. and i know all about the implantion bleading.. but can implantational bleeding fool you as if it was a regular period.. because mine is like a regular period.. and my periods usually are regular and are alwasy on time so can i still be pregnant? is this implatatio or a period? im 6 days early..


Melissa - June 2

Hi. From everything I've read implantation bleeding is not really bleeding. It is actually spotting that only lasts a couple of days. And, they consider you very normal if you have an occassional period that is different from your normal cycle. Have you tested?


Melissa - June 2

The question is how much you are bleeding. Implantation happens around 7-10 days after conceiving, but it is supposed to be spotting, not a lot of bleeding.


kirk2be7/30/05 - June 2

well it happend exactly 10 days after ovulation.. and the bleeding didnt last long then it started spotting i goot a hpt to take in the morning ill keep you updated! and when ever i stand up i get really dizzy every single time! thanks for posting ill get on in the morning to let ya know the news! please preay for me!


Melissa - June 3

Hi Kirk2be7/30/05. You should be taking iron. If you're not currently. You could be getting dizzy because lack of iron. Good luck with the test tomorrow. That would be my first suggestion. Let us know how it goes.


kirk2be7/30/05 - June 3

well it was a negative!! but its cool ill just keep trying~ maybe one day it will happen!



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