Can I shorten the days that I take Clomid???
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Holly - December 9

Hi Ladies..does anyone know if it would make a difference if I shorten the amount of time I take clomid for?? I am suposed to take it for 5 days...but I am thinking maybe just 3 days for me as last time I had so much pain and I am super sensitive to any medication..also..would it mess up my cycle??any comments would be greatly appreciated..Thanks.. **Dust**


..... - December 9



Holly - December 9

Would love some imput on this question..thanks


Mega - December 9

I'd suggest taking it as prescribed this cycle unless you talk to your dr first & he/she says it's okay to shorten the duration. I'm sure any variation from what the dr says would effect your cycle. I know what days you take Clomid on affects when you're supposed to ovulate. Good luck. HTH.


Holly - December 9

Thanks Mega..I have called my RE office and left a message in regards to this. My cycle is so messed up to begin with ..don't know if it would make a difference..


Mega - December 9

Good. I hope your RE gets back to you soon. Do you have PCOS? I'm just wondering b/c of your messed up cycle. I Ov late on Clomid everytime no matter when I take it. My RE blames my PCOS. Post back when you hear from your dr.


Holly - December 9

Hi Mega.. My RE's nurse got back to me and said if the symptoms are too much that I can take 25mg but it may not do too much for me. They have set up times for me to go in for US to follow me for cysts if I have that problem again.. and they said I can call for pain meds if I need to.. Glad to see that they are trying to help me this time around.. If it does not work this month they mentioned that maybe I should just stop taking it..but to let them know.. **dust**


krob - December 10

Hi I just read the other day that 3 days stint of clomid is almost as effective as 5 day but check with the doctor first


Holly - December 10

Hi Krob.. thanks... My RE said that it should be ok..does not know if it would be as effective for me.. My other option is to take 25mg as oposed to 50mg.. I have done that as my PMS symptoms are really bad this time around.. Hope that it works. **Dust**



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