can i get pregnant with a SHORT CYCLE ?
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beth - November 30

i am ttc for almost 10 months. i have irregular cycles. but my cycles at times were normal..27-29 days. but lately they have been 18-20 days. CAN I ACTUALLY GET PREGNANT with such a short cycle --or --is it IMPOSSIBILE ?. any real life stories would be great !--for the last few months 18-20 day cycles. help !


Mega - November 30

Are you ovulating? Are you using OPKs or charting to verify ovulation? Also, how long is your LP? If it's shorter than 10 days then you wouldn't be able to sustain pregnancy from what I've heard. So if you ovulating early enough in your cycle so your LP is long enough, then it's possible. But it sounds as though it's probably too short of a cycle to give you a real shot at conceiving. Good luck!


Christina - November 30

I don't know if it is impossible to get pregnant on such a short cycle, but I have heard that with short cycles you may not ovulate, which obviously is not good. Sorry I don't have a real life story (although I did have an 18 day cycle last month & am currently on CD 21, so I'm hoping AF keeps holding off...hopefully for 9 months!) Good luck


beth - December 1

thanks---i am going to wait 1 more month---then see my doctor.


Mega - December 1

Good, Beth! That sounds like the best course of action. Good luck!!!


lori - December 1

I never thoght of that i have a short cycle also but never thought that might be the reason for no baby.I will research that!Good luck!!


karen - December 5

what is considered to be a ---normal---cycle lengh?


Christina - December 5

I believe it needs to be at least 24 days.



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