Can I get pregnant if my DH is a Renal Failure Patient
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NANA - May 18

I am new and would like to ask if anyone knows that my chances of getting pregnant if my DH is renal failure patient undergoing Dialysis thrice a wk. I had checked with my docs and was told it should not be of a problem, but my Dh feels that it is impossible to have our #2. I used to have my 2nd child but he passed away when he was only two years old. I deeply missed him, Anyway, I always feels that 2 or 3 children will be the best for a family. We have been ttc since last Aug'04 however stop for three months because of the radio iodine my husband took for his hyperthyroidism and we started trying for the past 2 mths. My menses are irregular and short (the most it lasted 3days only with light flows), Ever went to a gynae and was told with suspected PCOS, just did another ultrascan and with 2nd opinion it wasn't. Just wish that GOD knows and able to answer my prayer.


Cutie - May 18

Hello NANA, sweety I am afraid that I can not tell you anything about the problem, however I wanted to say that I will pray for you. God Bless



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