Can I get pregnant if his cum is falling out of me?
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Stacey - November 9

Me and my man are about to buy our first brand new home. We are still slightly young but think it is a good time to start havin a baby. We have been trying for about 6 months now and everytime he cums in me alot of it seeps out. What do i do???


taz - November 12

Don't worry about it. I bought a book & it says that cum enters your cervix within seconds of ejaculation. After that it's some kind of natural internal muscle movement that carries the sperm up to your egg. The extra cum that comes out is just excess, you only have room for so much. My suggestion...just make sure he's all the way in when he does cum, and don't get up right away, stay in a lying position for maybe 15-20 minutes. And beyond that don't sweat it. It's best if he's on top too. And in everything I've read the AVERAGE HEALTHY couples can easily take up to a year to get pregnant. Only about 30% do right away and about 90% within a year.


lynn - November 15

Taz has a great answer. Also elevating your hips will help as well :)


sabra - November 17

I always say.. put your bottom on a pillow, your legs up on the wall and your head on the floor! lol email me for a fun board to visit [email protected]



becki - November 18

hi stacey it happens to me to, i always prop my bum up with a pillow and stay there for about half an hour. and put your legs agaist the wall. hope it helps good luck.


natalya - August 23

yeah your question is the same as mine.... my mans sperm also leaks out a little i try wiping it but he doesnt let me cuz he thinks thats it.good question...!!!



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