Can I get pregnant?
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Brandi Chatmon - August 25

I'm 26yrs old and I havent had a period in about a year. I had my menstrual every 28 days for 4 days and my doctor had put me on birthcontrol pills. Ever since I stopped with the pills, I havent had a menstrual. I want a baby and was wondering can I get pregnant without a menstrual?


thayward7 - August 25

Does your doctor know you haven't had a period in a year? I know that happened to me when I stopped taking birth control pills (I didn't have a period for a year), and it turns out I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disease. I am being treated for it and trying to conceive. If you aren't having a period, you likely aren't ovulating and if you aren't ovulating, you can't get pregnant. I would make an appointment with your doctor. Hope that helps! Smiles... T


slowpoke01 - August 25

brandi- it is not possible to get pregnant without a period. if you dont have a period you are not ovulating and without ovulating you cant get pregnant. you can have a period and not ovulate but you cant ovulate without a period. i would say that you need to go to the doc and tell them what is going on and that you really want to conceive and see what they can do for you. they can give you meds to induce a period and maybe get some testing done too. that is very important.



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