Can I get pregnant?
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G L C - June 2

We have been trying to get pregnant and no luck so far. It is frustrating but I have been looking at possible causes and one is cysts. The sign is a missed period or going several months without one. This spring I went for three months without a period and my doctor said it was from nerves and stress from a new job. I took all the test and they did more tests and everything was fine. One day later I started my period and the last two have been fine. Could this cause a problem in the future though?


K - June 2

G L C, last summer I went from June - September without having a period and my doctor put me on a waiting list so I said screw it and went to the ER. They did every kind of test and exam imaginable and I still never got an answer as to why I wasnt getting periods. I think it may have been from all the medication that I have been on in the past (BC Pill, BC Patch, & Lupron injection) and my body was just all messed up.



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