Can I be prescribed clomid?
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Sara - June 8

I recently decided I want to have another baby. But I just got off the depo shot after 3 yrs. of being on it. I've heard alot of woman say it can take up to 1 year to get pregnant after the shot! I just don't wanna wait that long? What a doctor prescribe me medicine to ovulate if I want to get pregnant sooner?


Drew - June 8

Its not likely they would rx you anything as you really haven't been ttc. They usually do when it has been a year of ttc with no success. It sucks, I know, but maybe try charting your ovulation. 1 year seems like a long wait when you want a baby really bad. But still see a gyn, maybe they can do something. Good luck!


MelissaS - June 8

Hi Sara. If your doctor is good at all he will not just prescribe you anything without making sure you are aren't ovulating. Have you been charting?



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