Can i be PG
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gig - November 1

Okay.. i'm on month 10 already!!! I am on day 27 today, and for the past 2 days i have been having diarhaa.. any ideas.. very little cramping!


Mega - November 1

Hi Gig. I haven't heard of diarrhea as a classic PG sign, in fact it tends to cause constipation but that doesn't mean it's not a possibility. If you're not prone to diarrhea typically, it could be an indication for you. Now, I pretty much get diarrhea a lot (TMI I know!) so for me it may not make a difference. But after all, all pregnancies are different. And since you're so far past Ov, it is still a possibilty that you are. Have you tested yet? Depending on your cycle length, you're probably okay to test now. Good luck. I hope you get the outcome that you want. I'm guessing you're hoping for that BFP!


Molly - November 2

Hi Gig, i have read that you can get it in early pregnancy because your body is trying to rid toxins because of the pregnancy. But i have no idea if its true!



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