Can I afford a child after all of the cost of prcedures?
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Aimee M D - May 25

My DH & I were recently told that we will not be able to concieve naturally. I have been looking into the cost of all of the tests and procedures that can be done to help get pregnant and my insurance doesn't cover anything! I know we could take out a loan and do all kinds of things, but do any of you wonder after spending all of the money with conceiving is there enough to raise a child???? I don't want to put a price on the gift of a child, but if I can't afford to pay for the simple necessities I am not being a good parent. How do you deal with this stress?????


slowpoke01 - May 26

AIMEE- what i do is what a month or so between IUI's so that I can save money up for each procedure. I do IUI, clomid, hcg trigger shot, and use a sperm donor. I dont know what procedure that you will be doing, but IUI and having sperm washing is only like 250.00 where i go but since i use a donor the donor is almost 600.00 clomid is 25.00, follicle monitoring is about 120.00 each time and they usually do that about 2 times, hcg trigger shot is 50.00 and i only get 1 of them. so maybe you could open a savings account like i did and put money into it and save as much as you can towards each procedure before you actually start doing anything. that way you have most of it covered and you dont have to take out any loans to cover anything. that is what i found to be the easiest way to do it. good luck to you.


dunne - May 26

Hi Slowpoke, I spoke to you on another thread about egg and sperm doners, how are you doing at the moment? Are you in the 2ww? I am still waiting for my first af since 23Feb so I can at least try clomid first b4 any other options. Doc put me on bc pill to make my af start so we will see if it does, my last pill is next Tuesday...Take care...Sam


Aimee M D - May 29

Thanks for your support! My guess is that I will be doing IUI w/a donor. I am not sure yet what all my DH & I are up against. Tomorrow we have an appointment with the urologist. I am praying that my husband's zero count is circumstantial and can be reversed. I have been trying to save money to prepare for the expenses. I just worry about things not going smooth and us risking excessive debt. Wish us luck!


Tink - May 29

good question- but like everyone says, if you keep waiting until you are financial ready, then you will be waiting forever. people make due everyday and still raise happy and healthy kids. I think as long as you can provide the basics- shelter, food and drink and most importantly- LOVE- that is all that matters. Everyone wishes they had more, especially to provide for their child or family. so will you be able to provide- SURE. like i said- love don't cost a thing and it is the most important. there is always hand me downs from friends, buying used stuff at consignment stores (especially baby clothes!). you will figure out a way once your miracle happens. I paid for 4 cycles on clomid, then for 4 IUIs (partially covered by ins), and then on to IVF. I was blessed in that my grandpa footed the bill for the IVF treatment, otherwise, we would have had to wait and save up for it (DH only pays cash, no loans or credit). Also- work with your doctor- whether it is your gyno or an RE- both of mine worked with me to submit stuff the most effective way to my insurance. My RE always submitted my ultrasounds (which would have been close to $300 a pop- and i was having 5 or more a month)- he submitted them under endometriosis and insurance covered them that way. insurance wouldn't cover infertility- but most insurance will cover female problems and many doctors submit stuff under that to help you get it covered. so ask- it can't hurt. good luck.


slowpoke01 - May 29

dunne-i am good. i go tomorrow for ultrasound tomorrow to see how big my follicles are. if they are good and big then i will get a trigger shot and maybe iui on friday. i will let you know.AIMEE- some donors are cheaper than others. sometimes they have donors that are no longer donating and they want to use them up for the new ones and they are sometimes a lot cheaper. if you get an ID consent donor which means that your child can get their name later on, then they are more expensive. the higher the education on the donor (such as doctors, lawyers, scientist) things like that they are higher. there are ways to get it cheaper. such as some docs will let you pay them out. also if you get the sperm unwashed it is cheaper sometimes to let your doc wash it at their office you just have to ask if they can and what the cost is and compare it. fairfax cryobank is the one that i use, but there are others such as california cryobank. search the web for cryobanks and you can look at the cost of each one. keep in mind that the farther they have to ship and if it has to be overnighted it will cost more. the sample that i just paid for was overnighted and shipping was 595.00. so you just have to shop around. i like fairfax because the doc checks the numbers and they are always right if they arent they will reimburse you. maybe to help out with the costs and everything you could do like bakesales or something of that nature to raise money. if i am still trying next year when my horses have their colts i will sale raffle tickets on a colt. garage sales you can raise money. or do like me and start putting a hundred or 200 or whatever in the savings account every week this way you dont miss the money that much and it is in an account and you are less likely to draw it out and use it for anything other than treatments. if you have any questions that i can answer just email me at [email protected]


slowpoke01 - May 31

Hey Girls
well i got the trigger shot today. yay. i had 2 follies on the left that were 24. 4 on the right a 10, 13, 14, 15. so the doc was very pleased with it. especially since the dominant ones were on the left side this time since i had the tubal on the right side. so 9:00 Friday morning i will be having iui. it was so cool. they just recently got these comp screens put up in the u/s room to where you can look at it while they are doing it. it was awesome that is the first time that i have seen a follicle. they usually dont show them to me but it was cool. also they said that the sample arrived at their office today which i am glad cause that is one less thing that i will have to worry about. they said that if i get a + hpt that they definitely want me to come back to them for a while at least until they can see something in the uterus. they said that i had them worried with the tubal and that they didn't trust the docs around here after the way that they treated me before so until i find a doc closer that i like then they want me to keep coming to them if i get a + hpt. so that is cool. also he said that my lining looked great and that everything was looking as it should to be a success. he asked how i would like twins he said it was possible. i couldn't believe that i had 2 24's on the left side since my right side is the one that usually produces the big follies quick, but that is good. at least now i can relax a little bit now since they are on the left side and not the right. that's all with me. good luck to you all.


Aimee M D - May 31

It is reassuring that for IUI's & donors it is hundreds and low thousands, not tens of thousands! If it were, I would still try to find a way but it scares me to pieces that we may not be able to afford our bills and a child. Thanks! I am still keeping my fingers crossed that my DH can produce sperm!!!!!


Lchan - May 31

Aimee, I was in your shoes 2 years ago and frequented this forum daily for support and advice. I'm now the mother of a 13 month boy and a member of the Infant Care forum. Let me tell you from experience that your concerns are normal. Your advanced worry is actually a symptom of good parenting...if that's any comfort. Granted infertility treatments are expensive, but you'll find a way to pay for them and once you conceive the money will seem inconsequential. I can tell you from experience that you can't put a price tag on the joy you experience watching your little one grow up. I'd pay 10x more if I had too. Good luck with your appts.



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