can green tea help
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nancee - April 15

i was wondering if anybody of you know that drinking green tea (regular tea not capsule) can help for those trying to get pregnant? And also eating a lot of egg for male can increase sperm count? Is this true? thanks a lot hope that i can have your comments on this


milissa - April 15

I have read that it helps with implantation. but who knows I have been drinking it for awhile. I have been taking prenatel vits to. I'm not sure about the eggs? I have read about Coenzyme Q10 for men. suppost to help his little men?


toya - May 23

Green tea will definetly get you pregnant but I'm not sure about the eggs.


Shay - May 23

has anyone found any research to support that green tea helps? I've been drinking it daily for a while to aid in achieving pregnancy, but haven't been able to find anything on the web about it. If anyone can refer me somewhere to read up on it, please do! :) Thanks & lots of baby dust to everyone!!!!


milissa - May 24

I have found alot of mix messages about this green tea..some say no some say yes some say may help in miscarriage...type in green tea and getting pregnant in your search engine..theres alot of info :)


Drew - May 24

I havent heard of green tea for infertility, really the only thing I've heard of it used for is weight loss. Some say it also helps prevent against certian cancers. Maybe you should talk to a master herbalist in a herbal supplement store. Dont just ask any employee though, see if you can talk to the owner, or like I said a master herbalist. They usually are really up to date with their info. Good luck!


Dawn - June 13

My husband and I tried for over 6 years to become pregnant, I read on that it was working for many I tried drinking a mug of Godd Earth Decaf Green Tea every night and 3 cycles later we are finally pregnant, I know that's what did it for us!!!!! I know because it's the ONLY thing we did differently in 6 years!!!!! DRINK YOUR GREEN TEA!!!!


Tulip - June 13

I am living in Japan where everyone drinks green tea- very excited!!! I have also heard that a dose of caffeine before you do the deed will give his swimmers a boost. Green tea does have caffeine so pour him a cup, too! Best of luck, everyone!


L - June 13

I drink green tea also to try to increase EWCM. It's supposed to be very good for you all around. However, when TTC, make sure you're drinking DECAF (from what I've heard anyway!!) GOOD LUCK!!


Cutie - June 14

I dont know about the eggs, but I do know that yougurt is great for male who are trying to increase sperm count. :)


ADR - June 21

Hey Tulip, where are you in japan?? I am also here in Japan...and since this post have bought green tea to give it a try!! hehe...


bump - June 21



bump - June 26

bump bump


julie - June 27

I haven't heard anything about it helping in getting pregnant I am 6 months pregnant and was told not to drink green tea anymore because it can cause birth defects


Olga - July 7

Actually now studies show that green tea 3 months prior and or during the first timester can cause certain birth defects. Spinal Bifida being one.


jen - July 7

I heard the ecgc ingredient in green tea blocks folic acid absorption. No way,I amdrinking that until after I have the baby. Of course, that stat is probably basedon an absurdly large intake og green tea.


Kim - July 8

I've heard that you shouldn't drink it while ttc, too. I searched online for "green tea birth defects" and came up with a bunch of articles. Something to think about...



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