can exercise prevent implantation from accuring
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crystal74 - May 17

I have been fast walking/jogging/running everyday. i need to know if this will affect implantion?? is there certain weeks i shouldn't exercise?


Ann1 - May 18

My dr says not to do anything strenuous in the 2ww, including housework. I think he is a little overly cautious, but with all the problems I've had ttc, I don't risk it!


crystal74 - May 18

really, darn. this kind of puts a damper on me losing weight. well i think i ovulate on the tenth, and i just started working out again this week. we'll see. thanks for your advice. i always try to take it easy but i'm sick of being a fatty.


NicoleM - May 18

Is there somewhere you can do some swimming? It's a great low-impact cardio workout...


crystal74 - May 18

yeah, at the end of the month my pool opens. great idea. i can't wait.


Ann1 - May 18

You are in a bit of a catch 22, because being overweight can also decrease your chances to get pg. I think you should talk to your dr about it. I think most drs would say walking is ok, unless you are doing ivf. Nicole's idea for swimming is a very good one, too.


sweetestchic - May 18

hmm .. i walk my friend's kid to preschool everyday (she has to go to work early so she drops her daughter off at my place around 8 am and i walk her to preschool around 9) .. it's a 30 minute walk and since i push the girl in her stoller i tend to power walk ... should i tell my friend that this is bad for my ttc?


Ann1 - May 18

If you are having serious problems ttc, I would just walk slower in the 2ww. If you aren't having problems ttc (i.e. if you have been trying for less than a year and you are under 35 with no known problems), I wouldn't worry about exercise at all.


patrizia - May 18

hi girls. i just read and article that exercise is actually good for those who have problems of conceiving. this is the site


patrizia - May 18

ohhh also for about the past 10 days i just starting doing the at home exercise videos. has anyone ever heard of the leslie sansone--walk away the pounds--- i have been doing that , if anything it has made me feel better. my ttc efforts have een very exhausting so hopefully exercise will help. i waited 6 weeks after my laparoscopy to start exercing and eating better.


crystal74 - May 18

i have been ttc for over 15 months now and no luck. PAT- this is good news. i know that getting into shape would be healthier for my body to get pregnant. i was just hoping that i wasn't preventing that by exercising too. i am 5'2 and in the last five years have gained 10 pounds a year. so now i'm at 170. i could stand to lose 50 pounds.


Val - May 19

Crystal... from what I understand, moderate exercise is probably ok, especially if you started doing it before the tww. I totally understand how you feel... I had gotten up to 170 lbs also and was feeling really bad about my weight on top of my fertility issues. I started weight watchers in late March and also started exercising 2-3x per week (elliptical, sit-ups, hand weights) and now I'm down to 159... Good luck to you! :-)


patrizia - May 19

i think moderate exercise is ok---actually pretty good. i am so mad at myself -i went to my RE last night and i wanted to ask her about this---but i forgot !!!!!.


Tracy88 - May 19

I started working out two months ago. Before that I would tell my doctor that I was afraid to exercise for fear of not implanting or miscarriage, and he said, "Don't be rediculous, just look at all the women who toil in the fields every day and have big, healthy babies." His point made sense to me, so I started to work out but follow one personal rule....if I am in the TWW, no strenuous ab or lifting exercises, and no jarring exercises like high impact aerobics or running. I have since spoken with a new doc and he reiterated no jarring exercise. I asked him about the stairmaster and he said that was fine. I basically workout according to my cycle and feel good about the precautions I take. I haven't felt this good in a long time and have lost 9 pounds out of the 12 that clomid made me gain. I have lost 5% of my body fat and continue to build muscle under my fluff, and slowly see my body changing and getting more firm. Good luck to you. I hope this helped.


crystal74 - May 19

that is great news tracy88. thank you all for your input. what's the Tww?


Tracy88 - May 23

Crystal, TWW is the "two week wait" or the time between ovulation and your period showing up when implantation occurs. So, if you are going to exercise everyday, I would run/jog from the time you get your period until about three days past ovulation, then I would simply walk until you get your period again.



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