Can Drinking too much Water Affect OPK Results?
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Mary - June 22

I drink about 90 ounces of water a day- I got positive OPK's on the days I should normally ovulate, but they looked diluted. The color was there, but the line wasn't as thick. The instructions say not to drink too much water before testing- is it possible it can affect the results?


Alissa - June 22

If they say, then Yes... drinking to much water on any test will affect the results..good luck


Tiffy - June 22

My kit says to always test at the same time each day so I do it first thing when I get up. This was it is not as diluted.


Alissa - June 22

The test that I take are from the Dollar Tree and they say to test between 11:00am - 8:00 pm but the same time everytime...So I test at 2:00pm everyday.


Deb - June 22

I tested for 14 days in a row last cycle and never got a positive result. I drink quite a bit of water each day, and I am a teacher working in a school that isn't air-conditioned. I'm convinced the heatwave we had two weeks ago wrecked by tests because I drank too much water.


Lizzy - June 23

This is my second month of TTC. First month I didn't chart or anything. This month I am decided to do OPKs and ordered them online ( I am having the same problem...the color was there, but not the thickness of the line (on the days I should expect the surge before ovulation) I wish I had charted my temps to see if I am ovulating. I have always had very very regular cycles though. Next month, if not pregnant this time, I will definitely chart my temps to compare the two. Maybe I will try the clear blue OPK too.


Mary - June 23

Deb- that's interesting that we had the same situation. I had all the other signs of ovulation, so I do think I ovulated. Plus, I am having the worst PMS right now- and they say that if you have PMS before AF, most likely you did ovulate.

Good luck to you.


kc - June 23

Too much water can dilute your urine and give you a false neg. I would continue to drink your water, but test first thing in the morning when your urine is not so diluted.



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