Can clomid work for me?
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Adia - October 6

Hi, all! I was just diagnosed with PCOS, and I was given clomid. Can it work on me even though I have PCOS? Has anyone gotten pregnant with only clomid while having polycystic ovaries? Oh, Im taking 100 mg on days 3-7 ... Thanks!


Mega - October 6

Hi! I have PCOS too & polycystic ovaries & I did O on clomid 3-7 50 mg. I didn't get PG that time, but turns out we also have morphology issues too. Next up we're doing IUI. But yes, plenty of women with PCOS end up conceiving. Some on Clomid, some on injectibles & even some do it naturally. Good luck! Lots of baby dust!!



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