Can Clomid really help me???
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Mzwest83 - January 10

I have been ttc since June of 2005. Hubby and I have managed to get pregnant in July 06 and Sept 06 both ended in M/C. My cycles are very irregular. I have gone as long as 2 1/2 months with no AF and as soon as 14 days.My new doctor seems to think I am "O" ing on some months but not others. ( tried O kits and some months I get a + others not comfirming my docs ideas) They me to go on Clomid. Here is my question. Will it work for me or against me. I heard that people who take it who O naturally decrease there chances of getting Pregnant. So say 5 out of 12 months I "O" I will decrease my chances of getting pregnant. Does this make since to anyone? My doctor also says I will have a low risk of Twins is this true?


SashaP - January 10

It increases your chances of becoming pg because it can give the sperm more targets. You only have a 5-10% chance of becoming pg with twins. You can always ask your Dr about Femara it has only a 3% chance of twins. Good luck!


Mzwest83 - January 10

Thanks SashaP for answering!


SashaP - January 10

Your welcome! I O on my own too and have taken both femara and clomid. I've been pg twice on a clomid/IUI cycle but m/c'd both times. But I did at least become pg while on it. This month I will be doing femara instead.


slowpoke01 - January 15

MZWEST- like sasha says it will increase your chances of becoming pregnant, because you will produce more follicles/eggs for the sperm to fertilize. your chances of twins increases a little whie on clomid but not a whole lot unless twins run in your family. if you do clomid, hcg trigger shot, and iui it will increase your chances as well. the hcg trigger shot they will monitor your follicles and when they get 20mm they will give you the shot and then do iui 36 hours later. clomid will decrease your cervical mucous which is very important because if you dont have much or if it is hostile it can kill the sperm so iui will bypass the cervix and put the sperm right into the uterus. clomid can also thin the uterine lining which needs to be thick for that may be what you mean when you say that it will decrease your chances. talk to your doc about all your options before you settle for one. get all the info that you can. good luck.


jamij - January 15

I'm not sure I can answer your question, but I can share my story. I had been ttc for 1.5 years when we started clomid. We did 3 cycles and I didn't get pregnant. We did one cycle of clomid and IUI and I had a chemical pregnancy. My doc says the risk of twins is pretty low. My doc monitors the number of eggs I produce each month with u/s. He likes to see about 4 eggs. In his experience this increases the chance of pregnancy without too much risk of multiples. Good Luck!


Mzwest83 - January 16

WoW so much information to take in. I really don't want to IUI. I heard that they are pricey



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