Can clomid cause a positive home pregnany test?
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Jen - April 25

Does anyone know if clomid can cause a false positive home pregnancy result? I took two different home preganany tests and both were positive. I've been on clomid for 2 cylces and I was wondering if I'm actually pregnant or what. I can't get into my doctor until the 17th.


Julie - April 25

I would say you're pregnant - those EPT are based on your HCG levels.


Kelly - April 25

CONGRATULATIONS! I would say that you are pregnant. As a matter of fact, I heard that woman usually get pregnant on their second round of Clomid! Good Luck and let us know what the Doc. says.


Myra - April 26

I got pregnant on my second round of clomid! Call your doctor and see if they can just do a blood test. I haven't had my actual appointment yet, but they were able to do a blood test to confirm pregnancy.


Jen - April 27

Thanks for your comments and good wishes. I'm really confused now, I started spotting yesterday and took another pregnancy test and it said not pregnant. Any thoughts?


Silvie - April 28

I guess U could have been pregnant...but oftentimes unfortunatelly the body rejects those few cells,which are not even embryo at this time.But looks like Clomid works for keep trying!Good luck!
But I would make another test and see.


L - May 20

Jen just wondering what happened with you, as I'm in same boat.


Yani - May 28

Have you had any symptoms? I am also on 2nd cycle of clomid and ttc.



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