Can bleeding at ovulation affect chances of pregnancy
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LindaS - December 2

FAITH2, I thought I was the only one this had happened to. This month was my 1st ever that this happened to me. The blood was very pink and was mixed with medium thick CM. How strange, I thought when I saw it during O. The GREAT news is, I am pregnant :) My DH and I had been TTC and were on our 19th cycle. We used clomid for two months, and this second month was successful for us. Tomorrow we will be 5 weeks pregnant. We m/c'd 4 times during our 19 months of TTC. This time, our pregnancy is very positive and I thank the clomid for that. I hope our story of success gives you courage to go forward and not feel so worried about the strange occurrences during O time. Baby dust to you :)


LindaS - December 2

LOL! I just looked at the last date Faith2 wrote and it was in 2006,hehe. Oh well, my story will help others too :) Baby dust to all!!


JennieB - November 28

I had ovulation spotting (very small amount) that looked like implantation bleeding a couple days ago. It was about 12 days after the end of my last period. About 4 years ago I got pregnant in one month (without the implantation bleeding)- so from my experience I do not think light one day ovulation spotting is directly correlated with fertility problems, since I am extremely fertile. I have never experienced ovulation spotting before though 2 days ago though, and I did have unprotected sex 3 times that night. It is the third month of attempted pregnancy this time around - though. I can update to anyone if interested to let you know if the ovulation spotting effects me getting pregnant this time, let me know.



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