Can bleeding at ovulation affect chances of pregnancy
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faith2 - June 21

Does anyone know the cause of midcycle/ovulation bleeding and if it affects your chances of conceiving? Every month I experience bleeding right before or during ovulation along with cramps. I've also been trying to conceive for over a year and I think this could be a problem. Has anyone experienced this before and still conceived?


Tracy88 - June 23

I have not conceived, but had the bleeding, so I asked my doctor and he said it was fine, that it should not interfere with fertility. He said that's normal, but to let him know if it continually happens. What kind of testing have you had done so far? If none, go to your OB/GYN and have them do day3 and day21 blood tests. Also have them do an intravaginal ultrasound to look for cysts, etc....


Meighen N. - June 24

I had that same thing this month...not sure if pregnant yet... suppose to get my . on Monday. It was very different then usual... just one day out of the blue during my ovulation I started to bleed.


faith2 - June 24

Tracy thanks for the response. I've had the day 21 test, I've also had the intravaginal ultrasound and a HSG (I think that's what it's called). All those test came back normal. I'm not sure what day 3 test is...can you explain. My doc also said it was normal but I've been trying for over a year. So..I'm wondering how normal is it. I guess I would feel better if someone from this website told me, they've experienced spotting and still conceived.


Tammy276 - June 24

Don't worry about it. It is completely normal, and a lot of women experience it. I don't have it every month, but once in a while. When the egg is released from the ovary, sometimes it pops a little blood vessel. That's all it is, and it shouldn't interfere w/ ttc. I asked my doc. about it and she said it was no big deal.


faith2 - June 24

Meighen, thanks for your response. My spotting started one day out of the blue and unfortunately it hasn't stopped. Some months I can spot for a day or even two days. Anyway,, I pray that all goes well for you. Please let me know your results.


faith2 - June 24

Thanks Tammy. that helps me understand why it occurs. I still can't help but to wonder if sperm can swim or live through the presence of blood. I guess i'm just frustrated because their is no logical reason I haven't conceived. All test are just hasn't happend.


Liznette - June 24

hello faith2 well i been having that problem it started when i was like 16 years old and it did affect me i start bleeding like a week before my period and it keeps like that till i get my period.Now that im 23 years old i wasnt bleeding so i did get pregnant for the first time but it was a tubal pregnancy and i was doing ok and this month it started again...good luck i know bleeding when is not supos to can get you a lil stress


slowpoke01 - June 26

hi faith i dont bleed at ovulation and have never been pregnant so i dont think that the sperm no being able to swim in it is why you havent got pregnant i was wondering if me not bleeding at ovulation was normal since i had read of so many women who do so i am proof that just because you dont bleed at ovulation doesnt mean your chances of getting pregnant are any better


faith2 - June 26

Thanks ladies for your insight. It really helps hearing others perspecitive on things. I guess I should be happy I don't have to spend money on an ovulation kit. My body tells me when I'm ovulating. Hopefully, one day the ovulation warning will pay off with a baby soon.


Tammy276 - June 26

I guess you can look at it this way. They say that having sex during your AF isn't a form of birth control because you can still get pregnant. So looking at it that way, it tells you that sperm can survive through blood. If you are really concerned about it, just talk w/ your doctor.


alreadymom1 - June 26

Hi Faith2, I'm so glad you wrote cause I've just had the same thing? got normal af on 10/06, then on my highest ovulation day 23/06 got what I thought was af again (bd with dh 22/06)...extremely light though finished last night, so two days of supposed af..I went of bcp end April - and everyone tells me my cycle is stuffed and that's why, but this feels different, I still feel heavy and crampy but no more blood??what you think...I'm ttc since April, hope I'm an early lucky dust x x x


faith2 - June 27

alreadymom1, I'm not sure what that could be. It seems like you bd with dh at the right time so hopefully it doesn't mean anything and you get a nice surprise. : )


Stacy25 - May 7

It's good to know somebody else has had the same problem. I didn't start having ovulatory bleeding until about 8 months ago. It's very light, but it's occasionally been accompanied by intense (but short) cramps. I've been trying to conceive for almost 16 months and have never even missed a period. My cramps during my period are extremely intense and no amount or type of pain killers will relieve them. I've been wondering if all of those symptoms are affecting my fertility but according to everyone on this site it's all normal. I've heard that a normal woman has a 93% chance of getting pregnant in a year. I guess some of us have to make up that other 7%.


Kaylee - May 7

I also have been ttc but I was bleeding during my ovulation. I actually thought I was having another period because it was lasting up to seven days. I was scared that I wasn't even able to have kids so I went to my doc and he examed me and everything and he said it was fine. So just keep trying and good luck.


Fyza - November 30

Today is probably the most fertile day of my ovulation week according to an ovulation calender and I just saw a spot of blood on my panties. I freaked out because it hasn't occured in a while, it used to happen a year or so ago but I was happy it didn't happen and my periods were regular. I'm trying to conceive for the past 6 months or more but there hasn't been any luck so far. I've been reading the blogs here but it would be such a relief if there are women who've experienced the same but achieved pregnancy because I'm still doubtful...I haven't had any tests done yet as I'm told that you should wait at least a year before going to a Gynea! I really home everything is fine with me..My hsuband and I really want a baby!


LindaS - December 2

FAITH2, I thought I was the only one this had happened to. This month was my 1st ever that this happened to me. The blood was very pink and was mixed with medium thick CM. How strange, I thought when I saw it during O. The GREAT news is, I am pregnant :) My DH and I had been TTC and were on our 19th cycle. We used clomid for two months, and this second month was successful for us. Tomorrow we will be 5 weeks pregnant. We m/c'd 4 times during our 19 months of TTC. This time, our pregnancy is very positive and I thank the clomid for that. I hope our story of success gives you courage to go forward and not feel so worried about the strange occurrences during O time. Baby dust to you :)



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