Can bad periods be a reason of not getting pregnant?
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Jenni - March 23

I have been off the pill for 5 months and my periods are really painfull. They feel like Im in labour (I have a 14 month old boy by c-sec) I bleed profusely for 2 days then stop for 1 day then bleed lightly for 2-3 days!
It always falls a few days short of 28 days. I have not had a real period in years, only light bleeding for 2 days before I got pregnant last time. When I was young I could not face having them so I took the pill every day then went on depo injections then the mini pill then the IUD basically anything to stop them.
Has anyone else had the same problem? What is wrong with me?


Silvie - March 23

HI Jenni, first of all,if You didnt have real periods as You say I wonder then how did You get pregnant? If You conceived naturally then looks like You ovalate/d/.Cramps and pain with period are not rare. Have You seen Your OB/GYn? YOu may have for instance dysfuncional bleeding, mostly it is anovulation, could be endometriosis, hormonal dysbalance,thyroid disease , possible Polycystic ovaries, or just some stresses in Your life. SEe your doctor, You should have thourough exam , and lab work done/hormonal levels/.This can give You a clue and treatment. Best of luck!


sm - March 26

Your periods sound pretty normal to me. 5-6 days bleeding, lighter towards the end so i think you have just to acept it as part of being off the pill. There are things you can take for period cramps like evening primrose but I dont know if it is ok if you are ttcing.


Tina - April 7

i have my periods but i got really bad pain in my stomac i bleed alot from the first day till the 7th day but i even bleed during the night whats going on


b - April 7

to tina...when you are having your period you do bleed during the night also, not just during the day.


Andrea - April 9

Hi Jenni. I had heavy bleeding and extremely painful periods also. It turned out that my thyroid levels were off. I have hypothyriodism and once I was on medication, my periods because more normal. Less bleeding and almost pain-free. Check with your doctor and get your thyroid checked.



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