Can anyone recommend a good RE in San fransico/Bay Area?
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Lucky - August 11

Hi ladies. Any highly recommend RE's in the the Bay Area, California? Thanks!


bl - August 11

Hi Lucky, I think I talked to you on the other bay area thread. I'm at Fertility Physician of Northern California. (FPNC) They're in Palo Alto and San Jose.


Lucky - August 11

Hi bl. Thanks again! So, are you pleased with their protocal on things? Is there a particular doc there you recommend? my current doc who is an 'infertility' gyn in los gatos rxed Clomid this month but (the idiot) didn't monitor me closely enough hence missed my O. I am so furious. thing is, he does not believe in charting/bbt ifo at all! Anyways, I'm looking for an RE who'll work w/ me to figure out best timing on things and believes in charting and BBT info. does your doc do this? thanks again bl. And Baby dust to us BA girls!


bl - August 11

Hi Lucky, yes, I've been happy with my re so far. At the consult she looked through my ob records and bbt charts. I was diagnosed with high prolactin from ob and by looking at my bbt charts she thought that wasn't the main reason I wasn't getting preg. I am in the initial phase of treatment. They started me off with a lot of blood work and a vaginal work up for bacteria and such. I just had a saline ultrasound to check the uterus and eeg reserve. All of my testing has been normal. I meet again with the re at the end of the month for next step. I'm considering hsg next. The nice thing is that she doesn't push the testing and will leave it up to what you are comfortble with. My re is Dr. Valerie Baker. I know the top doc there is Dr. Adamson I have had a positive experience so far. Let me know if you have any other questions. I know it can be so confusing!!!


Lucky - August 11

ok so i found this original post just now. Thanks for the info bl. Is HSG same thing as Hystroscopy? I saw a doc over at stanford REI just for 2nd opinion on things and she recommended this test for me which I still have not decided on. Thing about stanford REI is they really push you for invasive procedures like IVF right away. i think they are TOO high tech or something, or it could be my age 39, just turned 40 week ago. can i ask your age and how long ttc? thanks again bl.


bl - August 11

Lucky, I'll be 34 in Nov. I have a 2 1/2 year old son. It only took five month to get preg with him. I've been trying for a year now. The hsg is when they put the dye through your tubes to check if they're open. It seems to increase fertility in the following months. I know it has worked for a lot women on this site. p.s. Happy Birthday!


Lucky - August 11

bl you still have plenty of time so leave all the baby dust for elderly ttc #1 for G*d sakes... :-P on a serious note, it's great you're taking steps now. i started ttc beg this yr (just married my dream man), got PG right away, but had a m/c 8 at weeks. i thought it would be easy to conceive agin but it's been 4 months and i'm getting very impatient. Anyhow, Baby dust and best luck to us for healthy full-term PG in the very near future!!!


bl - August 11

Lucky, too funny about the elderly. Thanks for making me feel young!! I'm sorry to hear about the m/c, It's only been 4 months, don't give up hope. Lots of baby dust to you too. Keep me posted with your story.


Lucky - August 12

Thank you bl, i will. i'm currently cd22 and just waiting for af not to show sometimes mid next week, though i'm still completely symptomless. plz keep me posted on your progress also! well, it's nice weather in BA today. Enjoy the weekend!:)


cspears99 - August 15

Does anyone have health care in this area that covers some or all of fertility?? anything IUI's or IVF?? I live in San jose, and have just been getting my IUI's from ob but need to move on, hasn't worked :-( but curious about health coverage our insurance is up next month and I want to change if I can find one, thanks Cheryl


Lucky - August 15

Cheryl, Great question. I have BC ppo and non of the clinics I have contacted in the are take it. YOu may awant to check out places that offer shared risk programs such as ARC 888-990-2727. when I get tat far that'd prob what i will do. how long have you been ttc?


cspears99 - August 16

Hi Lucky we have been trying for 2 years, we just did 3 months of infertility, 3 IUI's and nothing worked, so we are taking a break, its just to much!! How about you?



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