Can Anyone Just Feel AF Lurking Around The Corner?
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sherry - October 15

i can feel her about the rear her ugly head. i haven't started bleeding yet, but i almost feel like putting a tampon in anyway, that's how sure i feel that iam not pregnant. why wait to bleed to have a big 'ol helping, of mint choclate chip ice cream, right? lol. anyone else blue, cause they feel af is coming any minute now? hugs, sherry


Christine - October 23

Me too Sherry mine is due on the 25TH Oct , i cant stand it.
every month i dream of a baby then i wake up seeing red, i have been ttc for three years, i have a lap in nov. how long have you been trying and what is your ttc story


lola - October 23

I am too waiting for af on the 25th and I'm already feeling mild cramps and sore breast. I took a test this morning and BFN, I was so disappointed. I've been really positve this cycle, thinking that the stress I put myself under each cycle can't possibly be good. So , I figured if I remain positive maybe good things will happen, don't think it has worked. The only thing I can hope for is that the cramping today is due to implantation and that on the 25th i'll get a BFP. Sending hope to all!!



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