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BrendaW - March 3

I have been reading this forum for a while, My heart really goes out to all those that have lost there babies or who have been ttc and it hasnt happened. I love when i read the success stories. I just wanted to say you guys give me a lot of hope. I have never been able to keep a pregnancy. I did a lot of testing and one thing my doc found was that i had high insulin so I have been taking metformin for about 2 weeks now with no side effects. I also have endo and have had 2 surgeries for that. I am really hoping this works. Though i hate the waiting and hoping and disappointment maybe one day it will pay off. I am also supposed to have an endometrial biopsy in April, my immunoligist thinks i have elevated NK cells which are normally in the uterus at certain levels to help protect the baby but sometimes misinterpert the baby and attack (something with tnf too i think) which is what he says he thinks is my case and I have always thought for the last 9 years that that my body was attacking my babies and killing them but i really hope that is not what it is and the metformin works, i guess i have another month or so of trying with just the metformin then my doc wants to put me on Humira, which I dont know much about but would like to find someone who has already taken it ? Well, good luck to all of you and i hope for each of you that you get that BFP and have a happy healthy pregnacy :)



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