Can anyone give me hope????
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Trisha - September 30

I am so sad AF came today, I have been trying for more then 3 years and I cry every month. I am starting to lose hope maybe its just not meant to be. My hubby had slow sperm the doc said so he said it is just luck at this point . Well luck is not on my side I am getting tired of crying the whole way through AF and the BFNs is getting to be to much. I am sorry if I am bringing anyone down. I wish every one the best ..Lots of love and *****BABYDUST*****


Kat - September 30

hi Trisha, I know what you are feeling, I have been TTC for a year and a half and my husband has quite a low sperm count. Every month the disapointent gets worse. It is a very difficult and emotional time. However, there is ALWAYS hope and i know and have read about people who concive after years of TTC (hope we dont have to wait to much longer) I also know this has been said and dissed so many times on this site, but strangely a LOT of women concive when they relax a bit and try not to think and becombe obssessed by it EASIER said than DONE!!!! I have tried but as it gets closer to ovulation time then to AF I cannot think of anything else! Keep hoping, have you tried assisted conception? lots of dust to you !!XX


Justine - September 30

Trisha - Sorry to hear what your going through. Its probably worth getting referred to a fertility specialist. We tried to concieve for 3 years (my results were normal but husband had low count, morphology and motility) so had to do IVF with ICSI - same as IVF but eggs injected with sperm. Its expensive and stressful but it worked first-time for us and I'm now 34 weeks. Hope you get pregnant naturally but if you don't if maybe worth looking into fertility treatment. I hated the treatment but I'd say all the suffering was definately worth it for a baby!


Mega - September 30

Depending on how slow your DH's sperm is, the less expensive option of IUI might be something you can try. It costs usually around $300-$400 when used with Clomid, more when paired with injectibles. Might take a couple of cycles though. We're planning on trying that next, I have pcos & DH has morphology & motility issues. I agree with Justine, it's probably worth going to a specialist. Good luck & I hope you get a BFP really soon. I think most of us can relate to the pain for getting AF every month when all you want in the world is to get pregnant. Just hang in there! By the way, it took my parents 10 years to conceive me, my dad had a low count & mom was irregular but they did it naturally with vitamin E & my mom did yoga & stayed propped up on pillows after bd. I don't want to wait 10 years though, that's why I went to a RE. But my point is, it can happen. Don't know why with that track record I thought it would be easy for me. LOL! Take care. Loads of BabyDust!


Judi - September 30

Trisha, I totally understand what you are going through, and I can give you hope. We tried for 3 1/2 years with no luck, and it was absolutely heartbreaking, especially because ALL of my friends had babies during that time. I was absolutely miserable. I had some testing done, and my results were normal. Finally my husband got tested (he kept putting it off) and we found that, while he does have a very high sperm count, most of his sperm are dead or dying, and the majority of them are abnormally shaped as well, so they are unable to penetrate the egg. We went to a reproductive endocrinologist who told us that IUI probably would not work for us, but he was willing to let us try for a couple of months before proceeding to IVF. We did one cycle of IUI and I got pregnant!! I took fertility drugs (Arimidex and Follistim), even though I ovulate normally, so that we would have a greater chance of conception. The doctor told us afterward that we'd had a 5% chance of success with IUI because my husband's test results were so bad (also, I'm 35). He still can't believe that it worked. I am 9 weeks now and have had two ultrasounds, and everything looks wonderful. I know how difficult this is for you, but don't lose hope...there are definitely ways for you to conceive a child. Miracles do happen - I'm proof of that! I wish you the best of luck.


Katie - October 1

Trisha, I want to tell you that I am so sorry for what you are going through I know 1st hand what it is like. My DH and I have been trying for 2 years and have had many MC. The Doc said that his sperm are lazy and they die very fast .My Dh started taking Vits like folic acid and C and B. And it took about 5mths for me to get pregnant after that. I know how hard it is but I also know that it can happen. I took 30 something test before my hubby just said you have got to stop that . I think it was just the 2 lines I could not even believe I was seeing them it was such a great feeling I just kept taking them lol.I guess what I am trying to say is DONT give up it is soooo worth the wait : )


Lee - October 1

All of these guys are right, especially the person that said just to try not to obsess. We were at five years when we finally had ivf and we got a baby on our first round. Two years later, when we were not trying, we conceived naturally. But I ask you to try to trust that what will be will be. The RE said after IVF (to DH) "this one won't work. The eggs looked ugly. There were only three and only one looked even fair. We will have other plans the next time around". That ugly embryo is upstairs snoozing in a big girl bed. Our biggest problem has been how hard this is on our sex life. It was the first no stressful sex in years that brought the natural pregnancy, that is the truth. Have faith, God bless and good luck.



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