Can anyone explain CLOMID???
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D - March 30

I am kind of new to all this and I am wondering about clomid. What is it? How does it work? Who is it for? I have been ttc for months and got pregnant once and m/c, and still ttc with no luck! Is this for me?


Heather - March 30

I'm no expert but I can tell you what I know. Clomid is used by women who have trouble ovulating (myself) and by women who do ovulate on their own but want to increase the size of their follies. (better chances conceiving)... You can take clomid on cycle days 3-7 or 5-9, which ever your dr preferes. Clomid forces ovulation. Some dr's want you to see an RE for taking clomid but mine just prescribed it for me and said if I had no success after a year than I am to see a specialist. My first round of clomid I did conceive but unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. Had nothing to do with the clomid though. Hope this helps.


S - March 30

Hi D, Heather did a nice job describing Clomid to U, I would just add some more information if U R interested. Clomid is chemical,which blocks Estrogen/female hormon/receptors in brain. What is does then is that body thinks that your own estrogen levels are way too low and produces two hormons from pituitary gland ,called FSH and LH. FSH hormon, due to Clomid ,is produced in excess amount and boosts egg maturation in ovaries and prepares it for ovulation LH, stimulated by Clomid too, is responsible for ovulation itself. So...Clomid is a smart chemical, which tricks your body in a positive way, and wakes up those lazy ovaries and eggs indirectly.


Slickronda Yahoo.Com - March 30

could you get pregant in your tubes


S - March 31

Getting pregnant in tubes is not due to Clomid but usually because of some sort of narrowing of tubes/after infections, previous induced abortions,STDs etc/


Bre - April 5

I need help please! I read somewhere that a woman who was on Clomid became PG but stii had her period b/c of the shedding of the extra follies that didn't fertilize...has anyone heard of such a thing?


Kelly - June 13

I've been on clomid for two months. the first month, i had what my dr. called a chemical pregnancy. miscarrying is higher with clomid, i've read. it's a hormone that helps you ovulate more regularly. i'm on 50 mg and i feel like i'm going out of my mind with the mood swings. i've been tryinig for a year and brought all my charting of my periods and when i try to conceive to my dr, and she determined i needed something to help me ovulate more regularly since my periods are all over the board. i would ask if you have really irregular periods.


Drew - June 13

S, and Heather that was a great way to explain Clomid. I never knew what it was either till I looked it up. That was almost exactly to the word how I read it. Kelly, there is a higher miscarry rate with Clomid, but if you have insulin resistant pcos, Metformin/Glucophage can help prevent m/c. Its something to look into anyway.



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