can anyone advise me??????
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keavy - May 9

Hi there i have a question and wonder if anyone knows wats going on? I have been trying to conceive for the last 9 mths. i have to kids already but this time it seems really hard to get preggers. my last 3 periods have been 26 day cycles prev to this i have always had 28 day cycles, so last month got ovulation tests and started testing on day 8 i used 10 sticks and still hadnt detected surge???? i presumed we were doing it at all the right times obviously not. does anyone have a similar problem or can offer me some advice? any info would be great thanks


pinky - May 9

Hi keavy! Are you sure that you didn't predict the test wrongly? Anyway It is possible that you are not ovulating this cycle. Many times that happen. There are some cycles in the year when you don't ovulate even you are regularly ovulating. It's very common for everybody. If you have same problem next cycle, go to doctor.



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