Can a UTI cause problems conceiving????
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Jandi - April 27

I have been charting my ovulation for the past 8 months now. I had a missed miscarriage on 12/20/04 which resulted in a D&C and laporoscopic surgery. Well this month I am supposed to be ovulating this week. I went to the doctor today and I have urinary tract infection? Can I still try and will if effect my ability to get pregnant this month???


Nicola - April 27

Hi there Jandi, so sorry to hear about the miscarriage you experienced. I wouldn't think that having a uti would stop or decrease your chances of getting pregnant this month as the infection is in your uretha. Good luck to you and have fun!!!


Melissa - April 27

Hi Jandi. I too am sorry to hear about your loss. I also don't think that a UTI would decrease your chances of getting preg unless you were told not to have intercourse. Good luck.


Jandi - April 28

Thanks ladies!! Im so glad to hear that!



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