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No Name - November 23

Is there a possibility that I can still be pg after having my period for 1.5 days?


Twinkle - November 23

Yes it is a possibility. I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I was 6 weeks and a few days pregnant and found out that I was actually 10 weeks and a few days. I was counting from the last time that I had bleeding, but I was actually pregnant and thought it was my period it was just lighter than normal, but lasted the same period of time, so there is a posibility! Good luck and I wish you the best!


No Name - November 23

Thanks for the hope Twinkle. I just won't let go of the POSSIBILITY. I just don't feel "right". Should I just go and get the blood test?


No Name - November 23

Twinkle, also, did you notice any symptoms before your doctor confirmed you were pg?


Twinkle - November 25

No Name, Yes I noticed symptoms, but the test said negative and then I started what I thought was my period so I just thought it was PMS instead, but about a week and half before my next period was due I took another test and it was positive so I just assumed it was a very early positive, so yes get a blood test to confirm your suspisions! Good Luck!



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