can a hsg make you late??please
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Kiimi - December 4

i had a hsg 11/9 (af was on 11/1) i am supposed to have af now but nothing but really sore boobs, really really sensitive nipples and confusing hpts but could the hsg have effected my cycle and make me late???


lovemy3 - December 4

Have you taken a HPT?


Kiimi - December 4

i did and on the 1st one i thought i could see a line but it was so faint that i wasnt sure yet when it dried i could clearly see the pink line but i too a different type of test yesterday and it was negative.


Kiimi - December 4

but can the hsg make you late????? someone please!!!!


hopeful2411 - December 4

I was not late after my HSG. Sounds like you can be pregnant. Good luck to you


mommywannabe - December 4

I wasn't late after mine either, sounds to me that you may be pregnant.


Kiimi - December 4

thanks so much for your replies. looks like ill be testing again tomorrow.


Tink - December 4

i don't believe so. they aren't giving you any meds, so it isn't really messing with your hormones. the dye won't affect anything. but i hear women can be more fertile sometimes after an HSG- it can help clear out obscurants etc.- like a 'flush'. if you are on any fertility meds- progesterone (meds) can delay AF. good luck


Kiimi - December 4

im not on any meds , thanks


sofie - December 5

hi , i did have booster HSG and second one made my cycle one week longer ! i hated my RE for doing that! but other time i had only one HSG and was alwasy ontime. good luck with your testing.


Kiimi - December 5

thanks, negative hpt today too!!!! ugh!!!! i hate this!!!



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