Can A 2.3cm Complex Ovarian Cyst Be the Problem? PLS HLP!
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2.3cm Cyst - September 20

Hi Ladies, I'm 24 & have been TTC for 12+ mos w/ no sucess.... Have regular 32 day cycles, had a panel hormone test done = all in range results, had an HSG test = normal spillage / no blockage, DH had the sperm analyzed = normal ( he also, has a 4yr old from previous marriage), we BD on time, hart like crazy, both take fertility aids (Ovulex and False Unicorn Root for me & Vitamin and C Fertiliad for men for him) - Month after month after month - nothing. Turns out, I went to a Urologist for a suspected bladder infection - had a external ultrasound done & turned back a 2.3 cm Complex Cyst on my left ovary!! I took the info to my OBGYN & was told not to worry that it may just be an ovulatory cyst although larger than normal. She siad that b/c of the complex (material inside of it) I need a transvaginal ultrasound to further investigate... But she reccomended I find another Dr as her office is not eqqiped to do inhouse ultrasounds & she is not vested in RE practices. Great - so now I need to find another doctor & am terribly worried!!!! Please help me understand Cysts / their nature, the whole complex thing & most importiantly if they can prohibit pregnancy! Any advice would help as I am trying to schedule something for this Friday. She mentioend going back on BC for a few months to try & rid the cyst but liek I sais, a year & counting - I am so desperate for a miracle! I dont want to waste anymore time - I want to understand & overcome!! Any advise would be appreciated!


Lena - September 20

The answers to your questions are quite long and could easily fill a book. I'll start by saying that this is a very serious matter and you should immediately seek a specialst as you Ob/Gyn directed. If BC is an option, I would certainly jump on it as this would be the easiest and quickest way to remedy the problem. Surgery may be required. Sorry to scare you, but its important that you know this. Getting back to your questions. A cyst is a fluid filled sac. A follicle, for example, is a cyst and is considered a "simple" or "ovulatory" cyst. Sometimes we develop cysts in response to an inflammation such as a blister on your heel. A complex cyst is a cyst filled with blood (not not innerviated like a tumor). A complex cyst on the ovary typically results from endometric (eg menstruation fluid) exiting through the fallopian tube and not the vagina. This causes an irritation that develops into a cyst. These cysts can dissolve on their own. BC or other hormones may cause them to regress. If not, then surgery might be necessary.


Mega - October 4

Hi! I agree with what Lena suggested about seeing a specialist ASAP. I have a rather large ovarian cyst right now too. My RE caught it on a vaginal u/s that he does on me periodically. These suckers seem to pop up quite suddenly, or at least mine did. He's sending me to get a MRI on Oct. 11th so I'll more then. It's definitely something you need looked at. It's not life threatening but it's something warrenting attention. As for surgery, my RE did suggest a laporoscopy as a possibility--a minor surgery, but surgery nonetheless. Good luck. I hope you find a good doctor & get it taken care of as soon as possible. If you don't want to wait a couple of months, I'd suggest asking the specialist about a lap. Not fun but quicker than BC I'd say.


Mega - October 5

It might be too late to help the original poster of this question, her situation may have already been resolved. But I know this is a common occurance & I just found a site that I thought was really good for ovarian cysts. Check it out:


Sheena - November 22

I too have that problem,i dont know all i know is i cant get pg been trying 7 months and doc says i have 2.3 cm cysts also.



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