Can' get pregnat?
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marisa - May 9

My name is Marisa I had a misscarge last year 2004! my doctor said iCould try againe after six months well me and my husband have been trying but I have'nt been able to get pregnat Im 30 yrs old could there be a problem with me Please help!!!!


Cristina - May 9

My husband and I have three children. The youngest is three years old and we had been trying again since she was born in 2001. We got pregnant this year and had an early miscarriage in November. Even for normal couples without fertility problems it can take a while to get pregnant. I believe that doctors say they don't consider it a fertility problem unless you have been trying for over a year or two. In our case, we both went through many tests before November to determine why we weren't getting pregnant. They found a low sperm count and abnormal sperm in my husband who is only 26 years old. In my case, they found that I have Polysystic ovarian syndrome (I am 36). Even with these two problems, we still conceived right after all of the testing. While we were disappointed in the miscarriage, we are trying again. Don't give up. The more you stress out about it, the harder it will be to get preganant again. Good luck!


marisa - May 30

Hi! I just want everyone to know that I just found out im pregnat im going to 7 weeks Im just praying to God hopeing everything well go well fo me...


melissa - June 5

i dont have my periods regular and i have been missing one for 4 and 5 months at a time what can i do ?


CRYSTAL - July 5

YES, The same thing happen to me I ened having a block in my tubes



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