came of the pill 9 months ago ago help......................
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dona - June 15

I came off the 9 months ago still not pregnant is this normal please help i'm 27


slowpoke01 - June 15

have you been tracking ovualtion by using ovulator predictor kits or charting you basal body temp..if not i would say to start with that so that you will know when you are ovulating and when it will be the right time ti have sex


dona - June 15

my p are never the ame they range from 42 days to 38 at the minute they seem to be 38 i wonder if this is because my body is taking so long to get back to normal are is it because i'm not thnking about wanting a baby so much i have one child who is 8.


Shawna1 - June 15

Dona, I came off the pill 14 months ago and I'm still not pg. In December, my dr sent me to get some bloodwork done and a pelvic ultrasound done. From the b/w, I found out that my hormones are messed up so I am not ovulating. The u/s showed us that I have a small cyst on my right ovary (which has since disappeared on its own). Since Feb. I have taken clomid, but still no luck. I was told today by my dr that he is sending me for an hsg (an x-ray where they shot dye up you to see if there is any blockages) and he is sending my hubby for a semen analysis. So hopefully our time will come. Ask your dr to refer you to a specialist if they are not willing to send you for some simple bloodwork. If you have other questions please join me at my regular thread entitled ****The Thread that Holds Us Together***** The girls there are fantastic!


slowpoke01 - June 16

shauna i had hasg dye test done and it was not fun yours may be different because alot of women say they felt no pain but you may want to take something for pain about 30 minutes for the test and have someone with you to drive home i agree with you on having the bloodwork and everything done and being referred to a specialist my progesterone was 12 and they said it wasnt bad 10 or below is bad but that they liked to see it over 15 so i believe that dona really needs to have bloodwork and everything done too i would do the hsg again if i had to it was painful for me but i would do it again in a minute if they told me to also since my progesterone was 12 they put me on clomid well take care ladies have a good nite


dona - June 20

thanks for your replys i'm form the uk newcastle everything is different here i have one child or redy so i no i'm ok i never planned my last baby who is now seven. Its seems like i have been trying for a brother are sister for him for years.


bl - June 20

dona, Even though you've had a child, you still should look into bloodwork. I had a son 21/2 years ago and had no problems conceiving. Now I've been ttc for 1 yr, went to dr., found out one of my hormones(prolactin) was high. I'm now taking meds. I think if your having problems ttc, it's a good idea!


NicoleM - June 20

You should really start charting temps. Even though it's hard to do everyday when you start, it becomes routine soon enough - if your cycles are longer this will be helpful for you to know about when you usually o. A lot of people think it's automatically day 14, but if you have a 38-42 day cycle, it's most likely b/t days 24-28. Your temps will rise the day after you O, so that's a little late for bding, but at least you'd know about when you o. The opk's are great too. You get a second dark line 24-48 hrs b4 ovulation... GL!


bl - June 20

You're right Nicole, that would be a great first step. Also, read taking charge of your fertility. It will explain a lot!


tiff - June 21

Hey Donna,
I m 27 years old too and have been TTC for 18 months and no luck yet, it might take time just keep on trying...good luck to ya all...


LCJ - June 21

Hi, I came off the pill a year ago and my cycles were like yours, anywhere from 35-48 days! I'm now on clomid and my cycles are 27-28 days. My doctor said that I probably wasn't ovulating before. Not pregnant yet but my husband says that because my cycles were strange I should think of it as if we've only been trying for 3 months not 12! Good luck


dona - June 21

I no i should go to the doctors but every month i keep saying to myself this is the month and once my period comes its back to square one ago i think in a way i'm frighted to go to the doctors in case they say i'm unable to have any more children i had a really bad birth and swore i would have no more children its only the past year i've wanted a baby. If i feel pregnant it would be better than winning the lottery.



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