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wannabeamom - March 18

Hi Mega, I just wanted to know how everything is going this cycle? I know you started your Clomid a few days before me. I am on cd 10.


bump - March 18



Mega - March 19

Hi Wannabemom! Well, this is the fastest I ever O'ed on Clomid. I had my IUI yesterday on CD12. My DH had a post wash of 105 mil, which is very exciting b/c we also have morphology issues so there's a better chance of more normal shaped swimmers the larger the sample size. Now I'm just in the 2 WW. What about you? How's your cycle progressing? How are you tracking O? Thanks for checking in on me. Keep me posted on how you're doing too. Here's hoping we both get our BFPs this month! :)


J - March 19

Mega, that's a very promising post wash count!! I got pregnant from my first IUI with a post wash count of 57 mil (my dh has morphology issues too). Good luck!!!


wannabeamom - March 19

That sounds promising Mega. I am praying for you. I should ovulate inthe next 48 hours (according to the opk). I have a problem with hostile mucas. So I am trying Preseed. I don't know much about IUI. I am waiting until after the 6th month of clomid to go to a RE. I heard that IUI is good to do if you have hostile mucas. As for sperm... I find it a little confusing. My DH had on count. I don't remember what the #'s were but my OBGYN called him a champ. I remember thinking that the morpohology seemed low. I sometimes wonder if it would be worth it to just start with an RE if I don't get BFP this cycle. Anyway, goodluck and I will send lots of happy thoughts your way.


Mega - March 19

Thanks ladies. I'm feeling more confident than I have in a long time re: our chances this cycle. J--I remember your story from other posts I think. You're in your 3rd trimester now, aren't you? Congrats again. 57 mil, that's a great count too. And knowing your DH had morph issues too gives me hope as well. :) Wannabemom--did you save the results of your DH's SA? If so, double check the morph #'s, b/c if they are low, I'd highly recommend seeing an RE. However, I'd think that if they were a concern your OB would've already ref. you to a RE. As soon as my labs came back on DH's SA, my OB gave me a RE's business card (though not the one I'm ultimately seeing now). So your DH is probably okay, which is wonderful news. Wannabemom, good luck with the PreSeed. I have a friend who has a 4 month old dd, who she conceived on PreSeed. There are lots of PreSeed babies out there, & I hope you're holding yours real soon! Good luck on your O, & keep on BD!


J - March 20

Thanks Mega...yes, I'm almost 34 weeks with a little girl (Lauren Elizabeth). It's really hard to believe - it's gone by so fast. I am due May 4, although my last ultrasound said April 30. We were told after the IUI that my dh's morpology was so abnormal that we'd only had a 5% chance of success, so that shows that even those odds can be overcome. I think your post wash count was great and you have every reason to be optimistic for this cycle. I will keep you in my prayers!!


Mega - March 20

Thank you, J. And Lauren Elizabeth is a beautiful name! Wow, due 4/30-5/1, that's coming up fast, though it might not feel that way to you.



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