Calling all irregular cycle ladies!!!!
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BeccaBaby1 - April 27

Hi Ladies! I know others have posted irregular cycle threads but I didn't see anything very recent and I thought a new one would be nice. So, my dh and I've been ttc for 6 months now. I'm on cd1 today and I do have very irregular cycles. Typically I go for a minimum of 45+ days but I've been taking some herbal supplements to try and regulate my cycle and this time AF arrived on cd34 - so even though it's not an BFP maybe it's still good news (sort of?)! I'd really like to chat with you ladies who also have long and/or irregular cycles (or anyone else on the ttc journey). I've found the support here really great so lets chat. Happy and sticky baby dust to all!


angelgabby84 - April 27

Hi BeccaBaby1!! I have been ttc for 3 years now and i have always had iregular cycles since i started having them they would show up every six months and last for what seemed like EVER! I found out at 18 that i had PCOS so that put a cause to the problem. I am now 22 and have been taking Metformin and Clomid since last November. My first three cycles of Clomid were around 40 days and i Od around cd 26. However last cycle i decreased my dose to 100mg and i O'd about cd16!! So good news. I am currently CD14 of my fifth cycle and i am having ovulation pains so lots of BDcing for DH and me tonight. Is there any reason why you have long / irregular cycles ?


smp - April 27

Hi Ladies! I have been trying to conceive for exactly a year. I recently found out I have pcos. I had been on birth control from a young age because I used to get very heavy periods or I wouldn't get it for months. Once I came off the pill AF came anywhere from 29 - 39 days. This january I didn't get any ov pain and went into past 45 days and started having severe pain at my ovary. They told me I had a cyst and made me take provera so I would get AF. I'm in that situation again this month day 49 and no AF. I am taking my second round of provera to get AF. Once AF starts I am starting clomid, I hope it helps. Thanks for sharing ladies it really helps to talk to others in the same situation.


BeccaBaby1 - April 27

Hi angel and smp! No, there isn't any reason that I know of for my cycle irregularity. My gyno said everything seems fine with me physiologically but I haven't had any tests done recently. Years ago I had some cysts (not due to PCOS) that were really painful but I've been mostly free of them for about 10 years. I am pretty excited that AF showed up so much earlier for me than normal. I've been taking a traditional Indian fertility herb called Shatavari and maybe it's making a difference!?!?! So tell me when do doctors prescribe Clomid and is it a drug to help ovulation or what does it do? My gyno said to come back and see her after a year of trying so for now no help there. It's okay though I don't mind waiting a bit, I'm learning so much about my body and ttc is a very cool process even when it doesn't happen right away so I'm patient for the time being.


smp - April 28

Beccababy1 thanks for the information about the fertility herb, I might ask my mom about it. ( I am indian)


angelgabby84 - April 29

Hi Gals!! Here is some info on Clomid taken from the leaflet that comes in the box.................................WHAT IS CLOMID USED FOR?........Clomid is used to treat some types of infertility in women who are not ovulating properly. Clomid causes an increase in the hormones in the body which control the development and release of an egg in ovulation. it helps to re-start or encourage regular ovulation................................
Doc will advise you which days to take it. (it is usually for five days at the beginning of your cycle anywhere between days1-10 e.g i take 2-6 and my cousin takes 5-9. Why the dirrerence i dont know. But i have heard that the earlier you take it in your cycle the more risk there is of having multiples. When i was first prescribed Clomid i had several u/s each month to check the growth of my follicles and when they were ready i would be given a HCG injection to release them( Usually four follicles 24mm (ish). i trully believe in my case, the stronger the dosage i take the later i o. You will normally start off on 50mg and increase it monthly if no luck. Hope this helps Kristen


BeccaBaby1 - April 29

Thanks Kristen for the Clomid info. I really don't know if I'm ovulating correctly because while I've temped and charted for the last two cycles I've had different things that disrupted my temps (yucky flu!), and I can't really notice a great deal of change in my cm (???). Anyhoo, like I said I'm being patient (but only for a few more months), and if nothing happens soonish then I'll get antsy and change up the routine.

So, smp I don't know much about Shatavari except that it is an Ayurvedic and it sounds like a miracle worker (don't believe everything you read though I guess). The name means "woman who posesses a hundred husbands" - that made me giggle and boy oh boy would that be too much to deal with! I also found medical studies (though not dealing with fertility) that seemed to conclude it's good for overall health. I figured I didn't see anything negative about it anywhere so it couldn't hurt. Let me know if your mom knows anything about it. I'm intrigued.

Happy weekend to you ladies!


Readyfor#3 - April 29

Hello everyone! I am 23 years old and already have 2 kids. Both were surprise pregnancies. One was concieved using condoms, and the second one was conceived while I was on birth control pills. Anyway :) After my second baby was born, I had the copper IUD put it. I suffered with it fro about a year. Periods up to 14 days long, heavy, and very painful. I finally had it taken out. After that, all my problems began. My cycles have been unpredictable, to say the least. 19DC, 37DC, 42DC, 35DC. I'm not even sure if I am ovulating and I'm pretty positive that my LP is messed up as well. I started clomid and yesterday was my past pill. Now I am just waiting to se if I will ovulate. Can some of you share with me which CD you ovulated while on clomid? Good luck to everyone!!!! Baby dust to all! P.S. If someone is on their CD9 or within a few days, I would love to become clomid buddies with.


BeccaBaby1 - April 30

Hi Ready! I'm not on clomid or cd9 but we I'll still be your waiting buddy. I'm on cd5 and who knows how many days I have till I O but hey that's why we're on here right? Angel and smp, what cd are ya'll on? Do you ladies chart? I do chart on ff but I am not as consistent as I should be - my addy is home/BeccaBaby1 - I haven't temped yet this cycle and I quit early on the last one because I got really sick with a big fat fever but I'll start again tomorrow and see if I can establish that coverline. Good luck girlies! Lets keep each other updated.


angelgabby84 - April 30

Hi Becca! I am currently cd17 and i used to chart. I do have a ff chart but i never use it. I didnt really need to when i first started Clomid as i was having the regular u/s and hcg injection to make me O so i knew exactly when to BD. But now i have no idea i have thought about charting. I dont know maybe i will just try it on my own for a few months and see what happens. However i did have o pain on cd14 so looks good. Fingers crossed that this month is THE month. DH says if AF shows up again then we will bd every single day for a whole cycle to cover all our bases. lol


BeccaBaby1 - May 1

Kristen, good luck this month - a little O pain is good! I keep jumping out of bed in the morning to help DH get off to work and then I remember to take my temperature - ahhh too late - so, I still haven't charted yet this cycle. Maybe DH and I will just have to do the bd every day from now on too. Okay everyone deep breaths :D


Val - May 1

hi ladies... I hope you don't mind my two cents. I'm 37 weeks pg after ttc for a year (after a miscarriage). My cycles were very irregular (32-45 days long). After 6 months of ttc I went to see a specialist (I was 36 at the time) and his plan was to put me on clomid cd 5-9 for 3 months to regulate my cycle. It seemed to work - I ovulated on cd19 (several days earlier than usual) each cycle. And on the 3rd cycle (the one where I finally got pg) I started progesterone supplements right after ovulation. I think low progesterone may have been my problem all along, since the uterine lining won't support implantation if you don't have enough progesterone. If I had to do it over again, I would have tested my progesterone much earlier in the process. Anyway, I wish you all much luck and baby dust... I know how hard it is to want something so much and be disappointed every month! (btw, I also did charting, acupuncture and hypnotherapy.)


shay_marie - May 1

I got my period when I was 11 and after that I was irregular and then sometimes regular, so on. I took birth control for one year (last time was end of March). The last couple of years before the bc I was pretty normal (give or take a day). Have any of you ladies become and stayed regular after getting off birth control?


angelgabby84 - May 2

Hi there!! I was given birth control pills when i was 15 because my cycles were not regular. Of course i didnt want a baby then so i didnt mind. However they made me ill and i put on sssoooo much weight (I was a size 8, and 5ft 11", so i was really skinny) I stopped taking them at 18 after trying many differenct piils and slowly went back down to 12stone. and low and behold my periods stopped. It was then that i was sent for tests and discovered that i had PCOS. and have recently been given Metformin (Seven months ago) to help with the sugar imbalance and that brought a period. I started taking Clomid and my cyles have now become somewhat regular. Hope this helps x Kristen


BeccaBaby1 - May 2

Hi everyone. Happy Hump-day! Val thanks for the input and congratulations on 37 weeks, you're almost done! If I don't see a BFP by October I'll go see a specialist and certainly ask for a progesterone test. My gyno said to wait a full year before proceeding with any tests since I am otherwise healthy and young-ish. Shay-Marie, the bcp never helped regulate my cycle after I stopped taking it - still the same ole irregular girl I've always been (I was on it for about 2.5 years and have been off for about 2 years). Though I am more regular now than I have been in years past. Once as a teen I went 8 months without ever seeing AF, now I range from a 35-50 day cycle so that's better. Kristen, wow what a pain to deal with cycle troubles and weight fluxuation, but glad to hear the treatments are helping. Nice to see several ladies here! Baby Dust to All. ~ Becca


kalindi - May 2

Just FYI, I had taken baby aspirin and progesterone suppositories last year after having 2 m/cs. I just had a very healthy and beautiful baby in January. Hope this helps to you all who is trying hard to ttc. Good luck to everyone and lots of baby dust.


Readyfor#3 - May 2

Hi Ladies! Thank you Becca, you are so sweet! I am on CD 12 and tomorrow should be 5 days after my last pill so that means I will being doing OPK's to make sure I don't miss O. I know that with clomid O can happen anywhere from 5-10 days after last pill, so I'm praying that I am somewhere in the middle because my DH wont be back till Friday night or Saturday mor. According to temps, I htink I'm still good because no spike yet. :) I am hoping for BFP this cycle. Beby dust to everyone!



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