Calling all - 12th April testers
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Claire - April 4

Anyone on the same cycle as me?
Though it would be good to share any signs or symptoms.

Last AF - 12th March
Think I ovulated around - 27th - 30th

Having - wet creamy cm - maybe pg or ovulated late?


kisha - April 4

same as me i had my mens. on 3/14 hd sex on 3/25 3/28 my breast are tender alittle wessy not to much very gassy ..are u getting the same symptoms.. i have to wait tilll 4/14 to find out


amy - April 4

I had af on 3/18, ovulated 3/31 and am waiting for af or not (i hope!) on 4/ cycle length is usually 28-29 days. Claire, are your cycles usually 32 days long? Hope we get BFP's! Good luck!


hope - April 4

is Gas one of the symptoms that could possibly be from pregnancy?


Melissa - April 4

A friend told me that uncontrollable gas is a sign early in the first trimester, Good Luck.


to amy - April 5

Hi I'm angela we have the same exact wait except i have a 27 day cycle. I am right alon with you. do baby dust to you


May - April 5

I am due to start or miracle of all miracles be pregnant on April 14. Does anyone else have major pains or cramps on day of ovulation? I guess that is what it is. Always happens day after OPK has a surge. Anyway, really busy month and could only "try" on day 10, day of surge and day of ovulation so far. Probably not enough, but I have a three year old and sometimes it is just impossible to squeeze all that sex in!!! Been TTC for over a year, sure do hope this is the month. I also took Ovulex this month, anyone heard any stories about it?


makie - April 5



Claire - April 5

Hiya Ladies

Thanks for all the posting! Great to keep on tabs with each and share symptoms don't you think?

My cycles are 28 days although last month my period was 3 days late. I'm still getting wet creamy cm and now my boobs are hurting. What do you think???


AmyF - April 5

Hope- I have been exp a lot of gas since 4/1 (should have started af on 3/31). Expering a lot of cm yesterday like af was coming, but didn't. Gas is better today, but breasts are slightly tender to the touch. No other signs that I can tell for now. I hope upon all hopes that I am preggers. Claire- have you tested yet?


amy - April 7

Hi all! still hanging in there..7 more days for me. AmyF have you tested yet? good luck to you! I am only feeling constipated/bloated and having light cramps in my lower abdomen... bbs are not sore yet. Claire, you should be due in 2-4 days then right? I hope it turns out well for you!


May - April 7

Any news yet anyone? Still have about a week to wait. Notice little signs, but I think I have begun to imagine symptoms of preg. every month. Who knows? Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shira - April 7

Hey guys, i am suppossed to get my period on the 15th of April. That is in 8 more days.....I still don't feel any symptoms at all whatsoever. I am getting really nervous...i have been trying for a long time and i just know that i can't handle getting a negative test back........I wish you all luck.


char - April 7

my last af also 12th Mar. Claire, did u exp any big blob of discharge in betw? i exp tat - then dry & then these 2 days feelin wet. breast & nipples esp v tender. bloated. tinge of nauseus feelin. let's hope they r not pre-af symptons & tat we r all blesses w baby dust!


Claire - April 7

Hi Ladies
How are you all doing?
Any more signs yet?
I'm not holding much hope for this month now as my belly has started hurting so i think AF is on her way. I suffer really bad with my periods and i can tell this is going to be a bad one already. Due for my Laparoscopy Tuesday as they think I’ve got Endometriosis but we’ll see what they find.

I probably won’t be in after 2moz as I’m off work for the week and it’s the only place I can use the computer.

Feel really down now! Especially as DF isn't home until June


B - April 7

what is DF?


amy - April 8

hi claire, when I was pregnant in feb. I had period like cramps and I even told my husband to quit hoping because af was don't give up hope yet! I too had laperoscopy last month.. they found endometriosis, cleaned everything up and gave me a 75% chance of conceiving within a year. I think those odds are pretty good, and the surgery wasn't really that bad. It just felt like I had done a million sit-ups for a couple of days, but it went away quickly. Good luck to you! As for me, 6 days to go! the waiting is torture. baby dust to all..



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