caffeine effects on OVARIAN cysts and ENDO?
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patrizia - October 28

i was just curious if caffeine has any effect on ovarian cysts or endo ?does caffeine make them grow faster? and by limiting the amounts what are the chances of these cysts gettting smaller. did anyone hear about this stuff form their RE ? AND how much intake is considered OK. ?


DCL - October 29

HI - I am wondering the same thing! I currently have 3 cysts and taking a break this month as my Dr won't give me injectibles until the cysts go away. I was reading on the net that eliminating caffeine and alcohol can help cysts go away. I don't drink coffee and have about 3 soda cans a day so I think my caffeine is ok. I am dying to get my u/s on MOnday to see if my cysts go away. Do you have many cysts? I have been TTC for 1.5 years, 3 failed IUI/clomid and a lap scheduled on 11/30. I am hoping that the month off gives me a miracle this month. Best of luck to you!!!


patrizia - October 29

well my situation is bit complicated, because i was doing injections, i was in my 2nd month of injections and on cd11 then i had to stop everything and now i have to go in for testing to see if the cysts are possibly my endo growing back!. i had a lap done on march 30 for cysts---then discovered i had an endometriosis cysts and lots of adhesions. it is a bumpy road.--- but---last night i did do some searching on the net---caffeine does affects cysts!!!!!!!---so i will try to stay away a bit.


DCL - October 29


Did you have a lot of pain and recovery with your lap? I am scared of what they will find if I do make it on 11/30. Do they take the endo out during the lap or another procedure? Also, were you told you could start TTC after the lap?


JenG - October 30

Depends on how much caffenine you are intaking... I have been off caffenine for a while, and maybe only have 1 cup of coffee max. I do not know about cysts, but caffenine is a no-no if you get pregnant. I am doing IVF now, and they are telling me to obstain from any caffenine and alcohol.


lovemy3 - October 30

I know I had fibrocystic breasts in the past and they told me to cut out caffiene. I did that and after 1.5 yrs of no caffiene my breasta are no longer cysty, not sure about ovarian cysts though


Tink - October 30

DCL- the lap wasn't that bad. they go in and do it all in one procedure. they went in through my belly button with the camera and when they found some endo and 2 cysts, they then made an incision to remove all that stuff. i was told by my RE that we could continue moving forward after the lap. however, when it was all over, he seemed a slight bit hesitant and was ok with a natural cycle. but i pushed him (since my IUIs are only covered for 2 more months before i switch ins)- and he said we could dive right back in. i just started injectables the week after my lap. (first cycle on injectables- 2 clomid/IUI cycles before that). good luck- the lap is worth it i think and not that horrible. btw- i would consider 3 cokes a lot of caffiene per day. i would consider maybe one not that bad. but anything over 1 per day seems like a lot. i don't drink coffee or tea either. i used to drink a ton of soda, but now limit myself to only one per day (diet). try crystal light or other stuff too- it isn't that bad. best of luck!


JenG - October 30

Tink, I am right there with ya... I have been completely off it for a while that you don't miss it. All for the baby cause!!


lovemy3 - October 30

There is also soda without caffeine if you can't go without it, good luck


patrizia - October 30

hi DCL.---as for the LAP---it was real easy for me---recovery was quick and after it was done i was glad i did it. they did find some endo--took away all of my cysts and all my adesions. they made 4 little cuts. and plus they did the HSG dye EXAM OF tubes to see if they were clear while i was under. i am ttc for 19 months now. ---tommorow i have another eaxm to determine what this new mass may be made of ( an ecoflussometria). if the endo did grow back alot i risk another LAP. --the worst part about endo is that it does grow back.


patrizia - October 30

OHH---DCL---my injections were of puregon in the evening and menogon in the morning (4 vailes a day) . and before i started this all i had NOTHING---i did not grow back any cysts or anything since the LAP. the injections brought on this mass --which my RE believes is endo.



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