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KRISTEN - December 9



kc - December 10

Caffeine can cause a problem with implantation.


Ann - December 10

How long before ttc should you cut back or stop having caffeine? Do you only have to cut back during the week you o?


Ann - December 10

I guess with implantation, that would really be the days 6-12 after o???


kc - December 11

If you are ttc you should cut back to no more than 2 caffinated drinks per day. Easier said than done. I know. I slowly weaned myself to 2 cups coffee in the morning. This will also, help with early pregnancy, since you should have limited caffeine when pregnant. I felt so tired in the begining. I couldn't imagine going through caffeine withdrawal at the sametime. I did hear it is best to slowly cut back to avoid headachs. I also heard somewhere that heavy caffeine use while pg may be linked to childhood adhd. I'm not sure if this is true, but it does make some sense. I try to only drink 2 cups a day, but with working 3 jobs, teaching catechism and raising a 4 year old some days I need the extra cup or 2. LOL. Lots of baby dust to all.


Ann - December 12

kc, do you know if you only need to cut down during your days of possible implantation? In other words, how long does it take the negative effects to "wear off?" I actually don't drink anything with caffeine in it except for a big cup of coffee in the morning (maybe equal to two cups of coffee). However, if it will improve chances, I am willing to cut down/cut out more. Your life sounds really hectic! I just have one job (although it requires 55-80 hours per week) and no kids (yet:( anyway). I don't know how you do it. Kudos to you!!



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