CA 125
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Suzy - August 29

Does any one know what CA125 Blood test measures?


dee - August 30

I just googled it. The CA-125 blood test is a reliable way to detect ovarian cancer in its early stages, and women should insist upon having one done with each yearly examination


Suzy - August 30

Thanks Dee. i really appreciate this response. i have had endo, and I believed it was that my gyni was checking. Apprently that last blood test she did was to check my CA125 and progesterone. The results I got back were my CA125 is normal and it is possibel suggesting I am ovulating. Do you know which test is allowing her to identify whether I am ovulating or not? I appreciate your response.


mindy - August 31

the ca125 is a test that is usually used for screening and monitoring of ovarain cancer



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