c-section question/ shot
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Amy - May 17

I had a c-section. Every since i got that shot on my back epadural (however u spell it) ooppss.
ive had pains on my back as if i just got a shot..it goes away fast. My child is 8 1/2 months now. Well those little pains came back again..i hadnt had them in months.. but i had to go 2 the emer. room cause i couldnt walk bacause my back was so weak 2 hold me up. I could move my legs but i had alot of pain & mostly weakness 2 lift my legs & couldnt walk or stand. I am worried..bacause the pain feels like i just got that shot & I dont think no Dr. believes me.. i didnt lift anythin heavy either. right now i am recovering slowly. My back is so weak i cant even takecare of my child (hold him) some1 please inform me of anything could help out
Please answer back


Melissa - May 17

Hi Amy. You need to find a new doctor. Are you experiencing headachs? My friend had problems with her epidural and they figured out they the doctor hit a nerve and it was swelling. She go put on some meds and is doing better, but is still having problems with it.


Milissa - May 17

i had a c-section 2 1/2 years ago and NOTHING like that Melissa is right go to a better doctor because it can also be disk....



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