Buying baby stuff before pregnancy, is it a curse?
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mummacub - March 12

Hi there my partner and I have been together 3 years and have been trying for a baby for 2 1/2 years.. We have decided to start IVF now as I was referred and tried but was over stimulated in May 2017 and had to wait to start again, I went to a new fertility clinic as the other one wasn't always on the ball and supportive of us and how far we lived from them.. the fertility clinic we have chose is nice and they are the same clinic that got my brother and sister in law pregnant (first go, my sister-in-law and I are the same age 21).. So my partner and I bought stuff for a baby way back when we first started trying (we didn't think it would take long as we both have children from previous relationships that were not planned-but I found out I have PCOS) we have a lot for a baby, a pram, capsule, bassinet, bouncer, sterilizer, some clothes, bottles, bedding, swing and a few other little bits and pieces.. (the reason we bought it then was because we had the money and figured if we didn't have the money down the track at least we have them) so now its been 2 1/2 years and we are about to start on our second IVF treatment (and we don't have loads of money- so the items in our eyes were a responsible buy) but.. my sister-in-law and I were shopping together and I said something was cute and her mother was with us, I said I might buy it and add it to my little collection and her mum said to me "didn't you know its a curse to buy baby stuff before you are even pregnant" I said no and she went on saying I need to sell all of our stuff otherwise I will never fall pregnant. I told her I wasn't superstitious and that I never believed in that sort of stuff and she said that it doesn't matter.. So I'm wondering has anyone else bought stuff before being pregnant and had a baby? I am really freaking out because I start injections for IVF Wednesday and don't want what she has said to be constantly on my mind making me stress.. Is it a curse? I was just trying to be proactive and organized and have some things planned before a baby is born, I guess too its a coping mechanism for me to buy the things I would want to see my future child in.. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.. xx


sansa - July 3

Dear dear. You are overthinking. Calm down. Relax. drink water. So many women go through failed IVF every day. One bad experience is not the end of the world. Come on. These superstitions are not something that you would believe in, would you? Try again. Buying anything is not a curse. It shows your willingness. Keep up the spirit.



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