Buying Baby Clothes before Pregnant?
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ConfusedMom2B - February 28

I have bought some clothes, wash cloths, and toys that I am storing in a plastic toat underneath my bed. Do I sound weird if I'm doing this before I'm even pregnant? Does/Has anyone else done this?


Mega - February 28

ConfusedMom2B, I think we all cope with the infertility stuff in different ways. No I don't think it's weird. Of course the ladies on this board probably understand a little more than others' in your "real world." :) Me, my big thing is I like to look at maternity clothes online. I don't buy anything, but that's my own little coping trick. In a weird way it makes me feel proactive, like I'm planning for the day.


Melissa - February 28

I don't think it's weird either. I do the same thing Mega..."window shop" online all the time for maternity clothing or crib sets. The only thing I've bought to save up is a book that I just couldn't resist.


jg - February 28

I did that as soon as we planned to start a family...........five years later I had everything a baby could possibly ever want and need, and more......but no baby. Each month I would buy something (everything!) to "keep my hopes up" then when period would arrive, i'd go and look at it all to make my misery even worse..... So many times we went to toss the whole lot of it (thousands of dollars worth) as we failed time and again to conceive. But our efforts were rewarded in the end and my now nearly nine month old boy has thousands of toys and clothes and books and gadgets and now I don't regret spending a single cent on it all!! My only problem now is stopping buying him stuff!!! LOL that is a GREAT problem to have after having the problem of infertility. Good luck.


Laura - February 28

ConfusedMom2B... you aren't weird. After my two miscarriages that was my own way of therapy! It made me feel better. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and it will happen to you. I have had a miscarriage and an ectopic AND over 36 and am having my first. Don't give up hope.... I won't let you.... that is why we are here! Let us know how it goes!


DD - February 28

You are not weird. I bought two little outfits I'm hoping I can give to dh if I ever get a bfp instead of giving him the + hpt (he thinks they're nasty!!) I also look at Maternity Clothes constantly!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! I was starting to feel crazy too! Good Luck to everyone.


ConfusedMom2B - March 1

I am so glad that I found this site to share my feelings! You girls are great! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one dealing with it this way.. I love buying clothes... I just think I'm going to go nuts when I actually get pregnant.. I'm going to buy everything in site! I have also looked at maternity clothes, and those outfits are so darn cute! Thanks for the support! :)


JND - March 1

I've bought things for many years but only if it was "on sale" because my theory is when I want it I would never see it for that price again. I mean like $2 and $3 when seasons change. I have bought for both sexes so in the future one doesn't think that I wanted one sex more then the other. LOL! My friend says its a curse to buy things before you actually have the baby. I think if something is going to happen it will happen, you will not all of a sudden become infertile because you bought baby cloths, thats sillly. Today I am 17 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. Good luck to everyone, everyone's day is going to come, I PROMISE!


AshleyPros - March 1

I have been ttc for a year, and I don't have any clothes that I have bought, but I have been working on a huge pink and white baby blanket for quite some time now....I find myself working on it after every O time. thats probably just as strange, because not only am I not PG yet, but I have already chosen the sex of my not so concieved child lol.


BW - March 1

i actually have bought a maternity shirt and have kept in hopes that one day i will actually keep a pregnancy long enough to wear it. I have done this in the past kept things thinking oh when i get pregnant i can wear that then get discouraged and get rid of it, and now i've done it again. Maybe this time though i am taking a new medicine now that has helped a lot of other girls. So we will see :)


BW - March 1

Oh and i childrens books too, i gave them to my nephews now but kept for a while. And it is not just women either! My ex brought home a crib once. He really wanted a baby.


JENZEY - March 1

I'm so glad this was posted. I thought I was crazy for doing this. I have a section in my closet of baby stuff I've bought since ttc (it's been 2 1/2 yrs. so it's really accumulated) I have more girl stuff than boy. I already have a son & really want a girl but at this point I'd consider myself really blessed either way. I find myself drawn to the baby section when I go into a store. I see things I love & can't resist buying them.


Meighen N. - March 1

That is so funny, I do the same thing! My friends think I nutts..haha! The mother in law says it bad luck. I don't agree...I think its just being proactive! Hahah. What are some good on line sites?


Mega - March 1

I like alot. Really cute maternity clothes & overall pretty inexpensive. has some really cute clothes too, but they're much more expensive, I think. It's funny, the rest of my coworkers are always looking at shoes or designer clothes online, not me. It's maternity clothes all the way. But I try to be sneaky about so no one sees me do it. So glad to hear I'm not the only one.


Maren - March 3

It must be normal, look at all these responses. I've knitted baby clothes. It started with my sister in law getting pregnant in which I totally went overboard, then we weren't even trying. Then I kept making them for me. I have put it away for awhile when it got hard to conceive, but bought really cute baby buttons when I went to New York which I think I will incorporate into something.


Marsha - April 6

I had the plaster repaired in the spare bedroom -- and had to pick paint colors. I went to babies r' us and looked at all the crib sets and bought a blanket. I used that to match my colors, but I hid the blanket so no one could find it. I thought I was so sly, but even the painters guessed "this is the baby's room". I figured, why should I paint it white, then want to paint it again? We painted it blue and sage -- and it is a perfect boys room for my now 15 mo old.


na25 - April 6 makes me feel much better since i am not alone...i have bought some baby clothes (mostly white and yellow color :) too...every time my hubby and I go shoppinhg i must find 5 minutes to see what's new at baby's department :) makes me feel more confident and positive that out baby will be with us soon :)



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