burnt tubes
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paininc - May 20

hi, i have my tubes burnt an tied bout 3-4 years ago, i now want to have a baby an am wondering if the burnt tubes r able to be unburnt an untied an if so how much does it cost an if not is there anyway to get pregnant with them burnt an tied


Lynn - May 20

I do not know where you live but in NC there is a place I was reading about that could reconstruct your tubes after they have been tied if there was so much of your tubes left. Google on the internet and you can find just about anything.


slowpoke01 - May 24

hey my sister had hers clipped tied and burnt and the dr told her that her chances of having a tubal pregnancy would increase if she had a tubal reversal and the chances of getting pregnant werent that good and that she would spend more money having a tubal reversal than she would having ivf and that her chances of pregnancy with ivf were alot better than her chances at a turbal reversal


Aminah74 - December 24

So ? You can't get your tubes unburnt yes or no ?



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