Burning feeling in side and weird CM
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SaraD - January 10

I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but I have had this burning feeling on the side of my abdomin since yesterday.I woke up today and didn't have it and as soon as I urinated(sorry for the tmi) my side started burning again.Also I had some whitish/peach color discharge. Has anyone had this?What could it be?A bladder infection?Could the discharge be from the mucus plug?Please help-I'm worried!!!


SaraD - January 10

Oh-I forgot to tell you I have been with my DH for 10 years so I can't be a STD.


k - January 11

are you sure the cm is not af starting? i've kind of had the same problem for the last few days too, but no burning or pink cm. my vaginal area feels irratated kind of and i've had a lot of ewcm and i'm on cd23. usually my cm is kind of thick (sorry if tmi) by now so i dont know what's going on. i dont think i'm pg and i know it's not an std cause dh and i have been together for 4 years. let me know if you find anything out. good luck.


SaraD - January 11

Well,I found out I am PG.I got my BFP today!


d - January 11

Congrats on your BFP!!!


Megan - January 11

Sara!! I am so happy for you!! I was just perusing through the posts and happened upon this one. CONGRATS!!!!! Hopefully I'll see you over in the First Trimester Board soon!! Take care!



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