building up sperm?
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?? - November 8

if you are waiting to ovulate and are not sure when it will happen but are using OPK's, is it better to have the guy build up the sperm or to get rid of it and only have a day or 2 stored? how long is too long to have it building up?


me - November 8

It depends on the dr. Mine recommends having sex every other day around O time, but some drs say it is fine to have sex every day as long as the hubby's sperm count is plentiful. If you have alot of sperm that has been pent up for a while, chances are that you have more dead sperm rather than fresh live ones. Releasing sperm once a week should be fine to keep things fresh. However, I would suggest making sure your hubby's count is fine before doing it every day. Hope that helps!


!! - November 8

we were told best is 3 -5 days no more no less. We aim for 3 to 4 days until ovulation so we have to estimate and when I get the opk positive we bd that night (after abstaining 3-4 days) then every 36 hours as we have sperm probs, if he is ok you can go every 24 hours.


?? - November 8

thanks for your help girls!



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