Brown spotting before AF
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LS - July 3

I have been having brown spotting before AF starts last few months.Never had this before until TTC. Is this an early miscarriage? Is it related to progesterone levels? I will go to the doctor this week....but anxious to find out what is going on.....Any help or advice would be great. Thanks!


merlee - July 3

LS...I have brown spotting 2-3 days before AF every month. It's kind of a signal to me that it is on it's way. Like you, I don't know what causes it and am very curious to learn why this happens. Someone told me it was a symptom of endometriosis. Please let me know what you doc says about it.


~kat~ - July 3

i dont know what this is but ive also been having this since ttc,i think out of the 7 months of ttc ive ony had a couple of months where ive not had the brown spotting,i never used to get this either,any info would be long have you been ttc LS? let me know what the doctor says.


LS - July 3

I have been TTC about 3 months now. My cycles are regular 28 days spotting day and a half before AF comes each time. Have never had the brown spotting before until TTC. That's why I suspect very early miscarriage. I don't think it is endometriosis because from my reading endometriosis main sign is pain...which I do not have. From my research it may be related to progesterone levels. But I will let you guys know what I find out. Plan to make an appt for the Dr. this week. I want to fix this problem ASAP so I can get pregnant!! I am going to start charting my fertility signs now though...I want to get a better idea of what is going on with my cycle. I sort of charted my temps in june and it looks like I am ovulating. Are you guys charting?


Lena - July 4

Its totally normal. Its older blood from your previous cycle that wasn't completely expelled. Its also common to have brown spotting at the end of AF.


Justine - July 4

I used to get brown spotting before my period and my fertility clinic told me its normal - they told me exactly what Lena said. They also said I should count day 1 of my period as the first day of real red bleeding (not red spotting) when you're working out when you ovulate. I used an ovulation kit from the pharmacists to tell if I was ovulating - I'm not sure its worth doing it every month if you're cycles are regular but its useful to do it once. I really wouldn't worry if you've only being trying for 3 months - it often takes 6 months or a year is not uncommon (85% get pregnant in 1 year, 95% in 2 years). 2 years is normally when the doctors say you need to get tested in England. Hope you get pregnant soon.



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