Brown this a period?
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Meighen N. - August 25

Hi everyone, my period is late 4 days and this morning I started my AF well I think I did. It is not normal, its brown and very light. I think there is some clear wetness too b/c I feel really wet. It is not on my underwear only when I wipe. I did a test and it was negative. Has anyone experienced this?


Tammy276 - August 26

it is possible that it could be implantation bleeding, in which if you took a test, it wouldn't show positive yet. Implantation has to occur before a test will turn positive and it usually takes at least 6 days after implantation for your body to produce enough, if it doesn't turn into a full AF, then I would test again in a week. Good luck.


Meighen N. - August 26

Thanks Tammy, Actually that night I woke up in a lot of pain. My AF was here ..but it was different was really dark in colour. I had to take the day off work and was in bed the whole day. I felt really weak and drained. The flow was quite heavy- heavier than normal. Anyway now day 2 of AF and not as heavy and the colouring is more red- still a bit dark but now red, not brown. I am so upset. DH and I have been TTC for 12 months now. I thought this month was different. Well nothing new to all of you... everyone on this forum is in the same boat as me. I am so glad I have somewhere to realise some frustrations and just vent.


Meighen N. - August 26

I am noticing my AF is slowing down... its not to heavy right now. Usually on my second day I am just as heavy as the first - changing my tampon every few hours. I am doing the same today but my tampon has hardly anything on it? I feel very dizzy and still very drained. Although I have had a lot of sleep- pretty much slept all day yesterday and right through the night? I am a bit scared... should I go to the clinic? I have not experienced this feeling before. Feels like I have the same symptoms as Mono? Has anyone experienced this?


Meighen N. - August 26

It is just after 7:30pm and I just woke up from another nap... wow I am so tired and dizzy. I went to the bathroom and wiped..nothing. This is so strange. Day 1 - brown spotting only when wipped. Day 2- Heavy heavy- brown small clots Day 3- more red but not heavy for a few hrs now nothing. My periods are usually 6-7 days long. I am going to go to the Dr on Monday. Can someone share an experience with me... this is really freaking me out.


Tammy276 - August 27

Just take it as normal. My periods used to be the same every time, heavy the first 2 days, light for 2 days, and spotting for 2 days. The last couple of months, It was heavy 1 day, then barely anything the next 3 days, then it was done. Your body can change and your cycle doesn't have to be the same each time....I am now 9 weeks preggers and thank-ful that the waiting game is over for us!! Good luck to you this coming month, don't worry, it will happen.


Meighen N. - August 27

Congrats Tammy! Thanks for your reply



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