Brown period
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Allie - December 13

Hi Girls. I got AF yesterday morning. In the morning AF was red, but by afternoon, it was brown with a little red. Now today, I have "brown blood" (sorry tmi). What could be the reason for this? Thanks.


Mega - December 13

I'm not sure of the cause, but brown blood would be old blood. Usually for me, it's the opposite. It starts out brown, but then turns bright red. I take it this is unusual for you. Anything else unusual this cycle? Is it shorter/less flow, etc? Did you start a new drug this cycle? Any of those could be factors.


Allie - December 13

Hi Mega (you seem to always answer my questions - lol). Anyway, this did happen last month, but I had AF for 1.5 days and then it was done - I usually have it for at least 4 days. This time, it was red the first day, brown with a little red this morning and now when I just checked, it was only brown. I used to have AF like you do - first brown, then red, but now....this is weird. I haven't done anything different this month except use pre-seed, but that wouldn't be it. The flows HAVE been getting less and less (flows as well as days). The other thing is (I had mentioned in another post) that my nipples hurt a lot still and they never did - weird. I keep hoping deep down inside maybe I am pregnant, but it is just wishful thinking. Thank you for your response!!


Mega - December 14

Hi Allie! Yes, we do seem to post together a lot. :) Hmmm, since this "period" is so much shorter than normal it would make you wonder. Wouldn't hurt to take a test just in case. I have heard of women thinking they've had a regular AF, but turned out they were pregnant. Not common but not uncommon either. How regular are you to begin with? Do you chart or take OPKs or anything?


Ashley - December 14

Allie and Mega, I have the same thing, just a wipe or two of red, then brown for a day or so then it is gone. I have been TTC for 9 months and really starting to get frustrated. OBGYN says I am ovulating, but then what is the prob? My husband is going to have test tomorrow. If you learn anything about the short brown period please let me know.


Allie - December 15

Hey girls! I looked up brown menstrual period online (google), but I am still confused. some say it is old blood, some say it is the beginning of your menstrual cycle, some say all women are different (some may have brown blood). This is only my second month having brown blood after having one day of red. I can't be ending my period after having it for one day - so I am confused. I used to get some brown the first day, but now day 1 is all DARK RED and then day around day 2 and 3 it is like a brown discharge more than brown blood. If I was pg, this wouldn't happen 2 months in a row at the same time I was expecting AF, right? Let me know if you girls find anything else out! Thanks.


Mega - December 15

Hi Allie. I meant to ask my dr about this, esp since I've noticed the same thing myself this cycle. The first couple days I had red (new) blood, but yesterday & today I've been noticing brown blood when I wipe. Weird! I just saw him this AM for my baseline u/s, but I forgot to ask. The info you googled does sound confusing, contradictory. I have another apt. next Thursday, if we still don't have a definitive answer by then I'll write myself a note to ask him then.


Allie - December 15

Hi Mega! Okay, sounds good. I actually have a dr. appt. Monday evening. I will ask my doctor too. Hopefully she will have some answers as well.


d - December 15

i dont know if this helps any, but i have always had a 28 day cycle and my period usually lasts 5 days. on the first 2 days i have always had a lot of dark red blood and then it starts to turn brown on day 3 and slows down until it's over. also some months i have had a 4 day cycle and only the first day is dark red and then from day 2 on it turns brown. so maybe it's just normal for you. the fact that you said it was only 3 days and light might be because you're pg, other than that it just might be how your body is working this cycle. i hope this helps at least a little bit. sorry if this was tmi! *~*baby dust*~*


Allie - December 15

d, thanks, yes, it does help!! I am going to go for a blood test some time either this weekend or early next week. I will let you know what happens. Thanks again!!


Jane - December 16

hey allie. i had the same thing happen to me this cycle. i always have a light period but they are getting worse with more brown blood. talk to your doctor. do you chart temps? this can help you understand what is going on like if you ovulated or had a short lp this month. it may just happen this month but if it keeps happening it may prevent you from being able to get pg and that is just a simple fix. maybe even you are pg with a lot of spotting. i know i'm not my temps dropped but you could be. normal spotting is a day or two of brown blood and a flow that decreases from a high flow or varies between lighter then heavier and lighter again. spotting before af is fine if it follows at l0 high temps. one day of spotting after af is normal even two. i just read take charge of your fertility and i reccomend reading it. it helps you understand what is going on better.


Allie - December 16

Thank you Jane. I want to be pg so badly that I am hanging onto the hope that MAYBE I am and this is just spotting from being pg, but deep down inside, I think it is just a "different" AF. As I mentioned, this IS the second month this has happened. Keeping my fingers crossed. I read somewhere that having brown period for a few months can still be pg! I HOPE so. Thanks!!!



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