BROWN menstruation !-what should i do ?
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patty - March 17

i have had terrible brown heavish spotting since monday-the day a normal red af showed have arrived. it has been very dark brown-black since then -looks like dirt and muscosy at times. i was soppused to go for a transvaginal during day 4 of my cycle. but is this considered af ? what should i do ? i have pcos-possible endo. my apptvto discuss my options with my endocronlogist-fertlity specialist is on march 22. but before then she wanted to seem me for a tranvaginal. this dark brown spotting is just enough to fill 3 or 4 pantyliners a day . what should i do ?consider it af and go for my testing tommorow morning or what ?


Pinky - March 17

Better talk to your doctor.


June - March 17

Patty, brown discharge is normal and varies between cycles. It is NOT considered your flow.


Beachers - March 17

well, it could be an old tampon stuck up there an is trying to come out. Stranger things have happened! Does it smell nasty? Ok, going to go puke now.


patty - March 17

well sorry if i grossed you out beachers---i didnt mean too. i will wait for af. just wanted some input from others.


sel - March 20

It could possible be blood from a egg implantation. I would go to the doctor just to check. I had a brown disscharge and throught my period had come early was upset but later found out I was pregnant. Don't get your hopes up but I would check. :)


patty - March 20

thanks sel---but i am --unfortunately--definetley NOT pregnant, because as i said, we are seeing an RE and during this month of testing we were asked to use protection...and we did. so there is noooo way i am pregnant.


Ash1ey - March 20

Normally when my cycle starts, the blood is a dark brow colour, and also on the last day. I have a 6 day period, and the only sense I can make of it, is that when your cycle is very light at both the begining and the end, the blood sometimes forms clots and becomes darker before building up enough to bleed properly.


Ash1ey - March 20

I have also read that implantation bleeding being dark brown in colour. But it would be safer to go to your doctor and find out for sure. I am always reading about pregnancy info, but I am no expert. Good luck with whatever happens!


patty - March 20

thanks for allyour help---BUT THIS MONTH WE USED PROTECTION (we were asked to use protection this month by my RE )---so there is NO way it is implantation bleeding. i have an appt on march 22 with my RE hopefully we can make some sense out of this crazy cycle !


rebellady - November 27

you should see your doc. they can tell you if you are pregnant and see if any thing rong


rebellady - November 27

I had my tubes tied but I had a heavy bleed for 1 whole day and 6 days of brown spotting but don't know why.? period came early


mommy2josh - November 27

Do you have any pain? It could be a tubal pregnancy or a miscarriage. I had brown bleeding when I had a miscarriage last November. Please call your doc.


Tink - November 28

my period only lasts about 2-3 days max and often starts off with brownish blood. my doc says it is nothing to worry about and sometimes it can just be old blood further up there- hence the discoloration. i can say that i had a lap on oct 20th and removed 5 spots of endo. my AF since then has not been brown, so i am guessing maybe all my endo played a part too perhaps in the brown. good luck to you- just ask the doc if it is anything to worry about or if it could be endo related. since my lap, it is always bright red, which is totally new for me. for years, mine has been brown a lot of the time.


Meihi - March 11

I currently have the same problem as patty, but I'm only fourteen (and a virgin, before anyone says it). I'll admit I'm a little worried, as I can't find any useful information.



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